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Dowie's Dilemma.......

edited August 2006 in General Charlton
If he makes a lot of changes from Saturdays team will it be perceived that he got it wrong or that he recognises it is a squad game and selects his teams accordingly?

Given that he is succeeding a club legend he must have some concerns as to the perception of people.



  • I make you right there Len. He was always going to have big boots to fill. He needs to get a copy of Curb's book pronto, in case there are any tips in it. Not that Curbs had any luck against Man U.

    I don't think he'll make many changes, just shuffle things around because of Traore. Maybe we'll see Rommie as well. And let's hope we see Kish alongside Faye.
  • I expect one, maybe two changes at most Len.

    Fortune in for Traore, possibly Kish in for Hughes.
  • I'm thinking and hoping he'll bring in Kish, Romm & Fortune. After all the board & Dowie gave us about playing attractive football, I'm expecting nothing less.
  • By some strange beer induced synchronicity I arrived on this looking for the takeover thread.

    Seems an age ago.
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