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I like football again...., for some reason....;-)


  • Its that day before matchday feeling. Full of optimism about the Globetrotter like football you can see (or hope) we're gonna play, popping down the pub to drink with the tribe, the fact we haven't played at home for two weeks..... Being Charlton you think we'd have learnt by now ;-)
  • Actually, its from last night....
  • Nothing to do with Celtic winning dring the week then :)

    Before you even start Billyboy I am also a Blue Nose as is my Dad.
  • Funny tho ketman how you dont constantly bang on about it! So much so that it makes me very sleepyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Grandmother was born in Partick and grew up supporting Rangers so have a soft spot for them, but wouldnt say I supported them. Theres only room in my heart for Charlton
  • I'll hold my hand up and say Celtic's win was very impressive.....Scottish football is not as bad as some of you like to make out.
  • Celtic are a decent side but the rest are pants ;-)
  • [cite] CharltonDan:[/cite]Celtic are a decent side but the rest are pants ;-)

    Wouldnt go far in the prem tho!
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