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Ken Livingstone has won a High Court appeal against a finding that he brought his office into disrepute over comments made to a Jewish journalist.
The mayor was found guilty of being "insensitive and offensive" to Evening Standard reporter Oliver Finegold by the Adjudication Panel for England.

Judge Mr Justice Collins had previously quashed a four-week suspension imposed over the issue.

The mayor likened the journalist Oliver Finegold to a Nazi camp guard.


  • Whatever your opinion of him- it is a total victory for common sense!

    IMHO- of course
  • The guy is a total c0ck...IMHO- of course...
  • Mr Justice Collins, sitting at the High Court in London, stressed that the
    mayor had the right to freedom of speech in a democratic society and to express
    his views within the law "as forcibly as he thought fit".
    The judge added: "Surprising as it may perhaps appear to some, the right of
    freedom of speech does extend to abuse."
    Although the panel tribunal had been entitled to conclude his Nazi gibe
    brought the mayor into disrepute, the judge said he was not persuaded the office
    had also been brought into disrepute.
    The panel had applied a test which "failed to recognise the real distinction
    between the man and the office".
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