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WiFi extenders.

WiFi in our bedroom is proper hit and miss. Would like to be able to watch Netflix and YouTube etc but it really struggles. 

Don’t want to switch network providers (currently with sky) so been looking at the WiFi extender things that Curry’s, Argos and others sell. 

Looking for recommendations. 



  • Ask sky and they will send you one for free. I’ve got one for my garden office. 
  • TP Link mesh discs. Very effective but a little pricey. 
  • We got virgin media Broad band which is great but we had various blacks spots in our house, tried various cheap different plug in ones which were crap. 

    Bought BT Whole home, 3 disc pack for £150, wireless, easy, never had a problem since. 
  • I wouldn't recommend getting repeaters, I would recommend mesh networks as Valleynick says. Repeaters are rubbish in comparison.

    I have these and they solved the internet issues in my flat where repeaters could not. 

    FYI, you will need one next to your existing router to connect to the network through ethernet, so keep that in mind when deciding between 2 or 3 but these are very good and well priced.
  • This is a useful thread, as I am not getting any success with TP Link plug ins. Never heard of these mesh dics before, so good tip.
  • The easiest thing to do at first is to move your router to somewhere in the middle of the house.
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    The easiest thing to do at first is to move your router to somewhere in the middle of the house.

  • In my case it already is in the middle of the house. My techie guy says that the glass in windows can be a barrier for wifi signals. Some metal in them, he says.
  • This is a useful thread, as I am not getting any success with TP Link plug ins. Never heard of these mesh dics before, so good tip.
    I have the TP Link plug ins and they used to disconnect a lot and would need a reset through the app on the laptop. But since I have changed my router from a BT one to a Netgear  I haven`t had a problem since. They even work through extension leads and downloads seem quicker with the Netgear router. 

    Thinking about it now, I have not had a loss of WiFi, Ethernet or TP signal since I changed my router.

    Where as with the BT router I would lose the signal a lot, and when I complained they would tell me that it must be a problem with in my property and I would be charged a call out fee to fix it. 
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    Would wireless access points be a good idea?
    About to have a house built and was thinking of having an AP upstairs and another one downstairs, to ensure good coverage.
    Cabling will not be an issue and I've already got a PoE switch. I've also got one wireless access point already, which I got for free (, so will only need to invest in one more.
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    Yes at most people have said, Mesh networks is the best approach but can be more costly. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is true as far as Wi-Fi networks are concerned.

    Fortunately my house isn’t too big so the router supplied by my ISP does the job, actually quite impressed. 

    The trouble with using extenders such as the power adapters, is that you will have multiple networks with the same credentials rather than just the one network. It won’t work how you think it will, also if one network overlaps another your device might not be sure which one to connect. 

    There are are a few different mesh network devices out there, I like the look of the one by Ubiquiti. Though the price might put some off, like I say it’s not something that I need right now. 

    I would also use something like hotukdeals and add a keyword for mesh network, that way when a deal comes along you can snap it up.

    Hope that helps 
  • Absolutely back up the suggestion for MESH network.  Best £70 I ever spent on these.  Faultless signal in a 5 bed house and all the way to the end of my Garden:
  • I've taken the plunge on the MESH network things based on your recommendations so I will report back! I live in an old house (i.e thick walls) in a semi-rural location such that the speed of the BT fibre broadband coming to the house is 13mbps (and will never be quicker). My two year old BT Hub struggles as soon as more than one person uses the wifi - Netflix freezes, Sonos drops out etc. We have two teenagers with all the devices that go with them. So frustrating. I'm hoping these things will sort it out but if anyone has any better suggestions please shout!
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    I have two Mac airports, one at the top of the house (3 stories) and one at the bottom, they are connected with a long but not too long ethernet cable 'backbone' on their 1gb ports (ample speed for home networks) however because the house is a conversion placement/signal is an issue when you are in the extended areas which have an outside wall between you and the router. By a cruel twist of fate my home office is one such location.

    The system does a 5g and standard wifi network - beware that 5g is less penetrative but faster. Anyway, I've added TP link repeaters and they are OK but not perfect: for example just now I can't connect to the standard one, and will have to troubleshoot them, probably starting from scratch again..

    I think any repeater that isn't cabled to your main hub may experience interference and or configuration difficulties, so I'm considering an alternative and or moving my routers around (not much wriggle room tho on the latter)
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