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Congestion charge PCN

Got a lovely £80 fine from tfl this morning for not paying a congestion charge.

I've been driving in London for nearly 5 years but rarely kop the charge due to the times I'm in and out. Anyhow I set up Auto pay for those times I did. I changed my motor in April this year to abide by Mr khan's wonderful ulez money making scheme.
Shortly after purchasing I went on the TFL auto-pay site and removed my old vehicle and added my new one. Although I entered the details and then saved it as my vehicle there must have been another page where I add it to cc auto-pay which I either didn't do didn't realise I had to. They had the car details and also my payment card details. I thought I was good to go. Obviously not as I found out this morning. Last week was the first time I've been in the zone during charge times. They've fined me for not paying on time.

My question is, do you think it's worth contesting?
As a loyal customer that's always payed on time previously I thought it might be worth it but knowing the money sucking parasites at the TFL I'm probably wasting my time.

I'm off to Turkey tomorrow for 10 days so going to be pushing the 14 day 'discount' !


  • Def contest it
    I had a bailiff knock on my door for a Con charge fine that i had paid! I phoned tfl but they were unable to trace my card details due to Data protection and I had not received any type of correspondence from tfl in relation to the pcn. I had to go to the local courts and fill out a form, in front of a court official and got the pcn quashed.
  • Exactly the same thing happened to me two weeks ago , well the wife drove the newer car and I knew I’d updated it all , we drove in two days later again and I went on tfl thingy to check it’s all been paid and I’d done what you did .
    i transferred car to the auto pay section but I knew the 48 hours ago I was gonna be rumped on .
    so rang up and after speaking gobbledygook to an automated system I got through to a person (who might as well have been a robot) who said the auto pay would take care of the current days CC but 48 hours ago one it was not gonna work cos when I explained situation they didn’t wanna know and just hard lucked me off .

    havent received the fine yet but haven’t been at home last few days .

  • I've appealed it but don't hold much hope.
    Said ive been a loyal customer and everything was in place I just didn't push one button which I blamed on their shit show of a website
  • Good luck with your appeal , did you just fire off an email through details provided on the fine ?
  • I had a similar thing with the Dartford Tunnel. I entered the wrong ref for my new car on the auto pay. I  was let off because it was the first fine for the car (not me). 
    I would appeal because you being on auto pay, so obviously not intentionally trying to avoid pay.
  • Good luck with your appeal , did you just fire off an email through details provided on the fine ?
      There's a page for appeals on their site. You log in with your PCN number.
  • Whenever I do one of these online forms I always take a screen shot to keep. Wouldn’t prove much but might help in any appeal. Good luck.
  • How else will tfl cough up the money for their near on 1bil losses.

    Always, always appeal. Even if you know you stand know chance in winning. If it's like any other pcn when you appeal they freeze the fine until they respond so you don't pay the double.

    Make them work for it. It's all too easy for them if you just hand over your cash straight up.
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