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  • Good lad... Is the sort of move I hoped for him last season
  • Good move for him, should help him develop.
  • Option of a recall in January ..... for when we're truly desperate.

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    Hope he does well. He’s 20 in January so needs this to work out if he’s going to make it with us.
  • Good news 
  • I really like Maloney. Like his positional sense and reading of the game. Good range of passing, though sometimes underhits shorter passes. Needs to work on the physical side of the game. Was hoping he'd get something similar second half of last season, but hope this really helps him develop. There's a good footballer there, just needs to be nurtured well. 
  • Consistent game time in men’s football is just what he needs. Hopefully he does well and comes back a much better player. Got potential but really needs this loan move to work out well for him.

    Good luck!
  • Good move, good challenge, good club, good luck.
  • Good move for him, a progressive but "workaday" lower division club
  • What little I've seen of him suggests a lack of physical presence and strength for a midfielder.

    Hopefully he'll 'do a Scott Parker' and come back a lot more robust.
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