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RIP Gerard (Gerry) McCarthy. One of our own.

My brother rang me from Ireland to pass on the sad news that his friend and our ex-player Gerry McCarthy died in Limerick today at the age of 85.
Gerry was an strong athletic defender, described by my brother as a 'footballing defender', who only played for us four times, but as it turned out his spell and games at Charlton covered some matters of importance, because his managers were Jimmy Seed and Jimmy Trotter. Gerry played for us at the top level, but alas in our relegation season and his final game was an 8-1 loss to Sunderland, which was also Seed's last game as well.
I imagine Gerry would be (vaguely) remembered by people like Derek Ufton and Kevin Nolan, and possibly Keith Peacock.
Gerry was a golfing and card playing friend of my brother who described him as 'quiet and dignified', he was clearly a sportsman, where he continued to play football in the Republic of Ireland before and after his spell at Charlton, as well as playing Hurling, he also worked in the print for the Limerick Weekly Echo.
One mystery is tantalisingly hinted at in Colin Cameron's excellent book 'The Valiant 500', where it is reported he disappeared (without permission!) for five days just after he signed for us, but his explanation was accepted. I wonder what happened there.
I hope the club gets news of this and Gerry is at least included in the memorial list next season.


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