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More anti-Duchatelet Charlton graffiti in Sint Truiden



  • I love the dunce posters!  
  • The hat is appropriate & good fit for sure.
  • Makes a lovely sunny morning even brighter, well done to whomever did it. Those stickers are amazing.
  • I do love community art.
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    What English speaking person would add the circumflex or what ever it is called when typing let alone spray painting
    Pedants? Lawyers?
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  • As @Chris_from_Sidcup points out a brand new twitter account with this it's first tweet.

    All feels very dodgy to me, just like the last graffiti.

    Duchatelet playing the victim with some manufactured outrage?

    LDT running around with the paint and flyers late at night to force Roland to sell so he can come home?
    Great throwing off the scent there Mr Circumflex ahem, I mean Henry
  • Vandalism can rarely be justified.
    I don't agree with the spray paint. It costs tax payers money to clean off. (Therefore, not just hitting Two Chalets pocket, but the innocent people of Sant Truiden too.)

    The stickers however are good...
  • Would be great to get Banksy if did a piece of art with a Roland theme .
    Stupid idea. Two Chalets has it removed, and sells it for 10sxthousamds of pounds!
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    the poster yes. Great and need more but the graffiti is stupid.
  • This has definitely not been done by English Charlton supporters.

    Just like last time, the grammar used, and lack of personal abuse that would have been included in the graffiti says that this wasn’t done by anyone born in South East London.

    I would guess it is Belgians who don’t like Douchbag, or are sympathetic with our cause.
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    I can confirm that Roland has seen the graffiti and the asking price for the club is now 5m more.
  • It’s a 👍 from me to our Belgian supporters. Keep up the pressure, guys. Keep up the pressure 👏
  • It's probably local Belgian thugs.

    Atm it's only graffiti but I would not put someone to go to the lenths of inferno.
  • We should have a competition on the best anti RD poster. I’m sure @Stig will win. 
  • Spray paint and stickers are small fry compared with cut backs for staff and doing your best to run a 114 year old proud community club into the ground, worlds smallest violin plays..
    No excuse for spray paint. Just mindless and rubs everyone up the wrong way. The posters are much more effective anyway. 
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