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Come Back!

Season tickets back on sale at the League One pricing for a limited time. 

Let’s start filling The Valley again.

Those of us in a third full Valley can get a cracking atmosphere going, help us make it even better.  


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    Tough one that AFKA. If I were in a position to have to make a decision it would be very,
     very difficult
  • Seems rather conflicting when you go to buy one though

    Says that you can purchase a Championship season ticket for League One prices - On those O/S at the moment it says that Zone 2 is £405 or in phase two will be £430 - When I go on to the ticketing website it says I have to pay £430 for my ticket so based on that I guess Championship prices will be even more expensive than whats available in Phase Two at present
  • I want to, as soon as we are sold I will.

    Do have a good feeling about this off-season though.
  • shine166 said:
    I'm gonna get one, at £220 in the covered end I only need to make 9 games to break even. Time for me to get behind the team, its fk all money really that's added to Roland's pocket and the team are gonna need all the fans we can get... the championship is a tough looking league. 
    And it got a whole lot tougher yesterday...
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  • If Bowyer is manager next season he deserves our support 100%. Roland isn’t involved and has given up, yep he needs to sell but not much we can do about that in my opinion.
  • Stig said:
    Sorry, but I didn't miss out on the Donny game to be lured back by cheapish season tickets. Yesterday was fantastic and I'm glad people are feeling positive, but if I go back now that would mean that my personal demonstrations and sacrifices were about results. They weren't, they were about getting a custodian worthy of our great football club.

    This for me
  • No chance until the b$¥€¥$d has gone. 
  • Carter said:
    Soon as he goes I come back 

    ^^^ this. NAPM.
  • Got mine, bit different when you take kids and have to get seats you want and can't leave it to last minute. 

    I can chill for summer now, look forward to fixtures being announced, plan some good away days, then look forward to new seats away from the family stand where we have sat for last 2 seasons. 

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  • Was wavering last night.

    Hope a takeover solves my dilemma
  • thought long and hard about this one, we did agree that we would wait until LB's contract was sorted but when I looked at the seats we like in the NW Quadrant found that the 2 we occasionally use and only one adjacent were remaining free, so we are once again season ticket holders - gulp!
  • If we get taken over I’m buying one.
  • Very very tempted. 
  • When the takeover goes through, I’ll be the first one in the queue. Don’t care if it’s league one prices or not. Although the first thing my son said to me at the final whistle yesterday, via text, was ‘me and my mates are getting season tickets next year, north upper’ 
  • Tried buying mine online today but it wont let me buy my kids under 18 season tickets . Surely i don't have to register them both as well?
  • If this team have to play in a half empty stadium next year,it will be an insult to Bowyer and his staff,how can anybody witness what has happened recently and still  stay away.Has there ever been a better fan-player relationship than there is now,I just cannot understand staying away on principle,this club ,regardless of ownership,is really on the verge of something good.
    Don't think there is much better fan/player/manager  bond in the whole league. 
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Roland Out!