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CAST survey outcome: the anxiety beneath the jubiliation

CAST annual season ticket survey results can be seen here.

Many thanks to all who participated:


  • Interesting numbers, you could argue the key one being the significant fall in participants
  • I’d question the timing of releasing such a pessimistic message in the middle of a play off situation. 
  • Indeed. down by almost 1,000 from two years ago.

    Survey fatigue perhaps?
  • Jubiliation ?

  • I've got an idea, Roland.

    You know you were keen that the EFL would buy Charlton?

    Well, why not ask the EFL to fix a fair price for the club?
    And if you didn't agree ..... it could go to Tribunal to decide how much the club is worth, and fix a fair price.

    Easy, isn't it? Sell the club, you clown.

  • Jubiliation ?

    Jubilation - a feeling of great happiness and triumph.
    As in what the Charlton fans felt at Doncaster.
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