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2018/2019 Home Kit

Anyone have any ideas where I can get a junior home kit for this season from? Club shop are sold out of my nephews sizes age 9-10 and he has the opportunity of being mascot Friday night. The club won’t let him where last years which he has got and he can’t wear an adult because of the sponsor. Even though the package includes a kit the club haven’t got any. Any local shops sell them? 


  • Have you tried Ebay? - Cant imagine any local shops selling Charlton kit these days
  • cabbie8 said:
    Even though the package includes a kit the club haven’t got any 
    Great ffs 

    do you know what sizes they do have ..
    was gonna buy some for my kids if they’re reduced (shame on me ) 
  • Sorry I do not know wot sizes they have my sister went down, I’ll check with her for you. 

    Tried ebay but no luck 
  • Most disappointing thing is he has last years and didn’t buy this year’s because it was so similar. Because it is on tv they have to be this years kit 
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    Edit: Just seen the end of your initial post

    Am sorry but if the club dont have the right kits then thats their problem not yours

    After all the price your paying is inclusive of the Match Day kit
  • I looked online and they have 8 year old (MJ) available chest 28-30inches 
    or 12 year old XLJ available 31-33 inches ... 
    if they’re still available get him one of them either big and baggy or tight !  
  • They come up small, go age group up so if he's 9-0 age 12 maybe ok
  • If that doesnt fit maybe edit the title and see if someone has a son or daughter that age who can loan you the shirt for the game?
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