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Student tickets - proof of student status

Is an NUS card enough these days?


  • Same question here, but also I tried buying a student ticket for Rochdale and it said I couldn't buy it when selected so I didn't go. Is there another step I should have taken?
  • I used my university library card if you have one of those email them with that and they should accept it 
  • Make sure you register online with an appropriate age and student benefits can last a life time. (I.e. until Duchatalet is gone)
  • The system is set up to prevent anyone being able to buy student tickets before 2pm each day.  
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    It wasn't enough back in August - was ridiculously complicated, requiring letters etc. But since the initial registration it's been much easier.
  • You have to send them an email with a picture of your student card they then link it to your account. Once it's done once it's there forever. But still a faf

    Easier just to buy u11 tickets.
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