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Beat The Bookie 2018/19 - Week 34 results & Week 35 and final fixtures May 3rd - 6th

11 out of 70 lifers got a return on their virtual tenner in week 34.
Collectively we would be £3,155.10 up for the season if we laid with a real bookie.
Wins for Fulham (2.40), West Ham (7.50) and a Millwall draw (3.50) sees @Addick Addict return £630.00, the second best return of the season and is this weeks winner.
It sees them jump 81 places in the table but @Addickted2TheReds still in the lead overall.
@Big_Bob @ralphmilne and @smudge7946 also returned healthy treble figure returns.
This is all manually checked so I will make mistakes. Please check your returns and inbox me if you notice an error.
This weeks table includes the adjustment for @walshiesleftfoot.
Congratulations to all winners. I hope you backed it in reality.

Last week of the competition this week, you know the rules by now.



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