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Charlton Live - PODCAST OUT - Reaction to Luton with highlights and Lee Bowyer

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Listen live via our website here - or if that doesn't work, via the tune in website here - - or via the Tune In app on your mobile phone/tablet.

Join us live at 7pm or via the podcast after as we look back at the fine 3-1 win over Luton Town. We'll hear the highlights of the game and also our exclusive interview with Lee Bowyer after the game. We'll discuss our top two chances and want to hear what you think of our hopes as well. We'll also look back at yesterday's Upbeats Walk and games.

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    Louis, that was a amazing team performance yesterday, 2nd half is the best I’ve seen us play all season, if we can play like that till the last ball is kicked, promotion will be achievable.

    Forget asking Lee Bowyer about his contract situation, has Kristian Bielik got any balls left?  It’s almost like the opposition are targeting him, he takes taking one for the team to a new level!
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    Hi Louis and team. Think we're going to fall just short of second place, but hope I'm wrong. Fancy us to win the play-offs though. Thought yesterday's second half was the best I have seen us play at home this season. They Luton just could not cope with us. Best wishes. Gary Cooper from Woolwich.
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    I have missed the last few home games as I have had a hip replacement op. I ruled out myself of being able to go again until next season Watching the scores come in is frustrating but exciting. . Sunderland's game in hand is Pompey. However. I can't see Barnsley losing any of their games. They are home to Shrewsbury, away to Plymouth, home to Blackpool and Bristol Rovers away. As you know we need in effect 4 points to overtake Barnsley, so Barnsley have to drop 4 points which I can't see. This is why it is so frustrating our owner won't invest as we could have got top 2 if he had.  Hopefully I will be back for the last game of the season.
  • Play offs as it seems.... do we have a better squad equipped this year than last year? The only concern is that we can't afford to concede goals as Pompey, Sunderland and good at scoring 4 or 5 but then Sunderland's defence yesterday ws shocking.  S lot of Sunderland's goals were inside the 6yd box so if our defenders can keep them out... 
  • I didn’t go. Ro-lund out...
  • Hi Louise :smile:
  • Best performance since the Premiership days?
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    The FM feed went to just adverts and music after the upbeat thread, so missed last 10 mins.😡 Oh dear. Catch it on podcast when available I guess.
  • COOPS said:
    The FM feed went to just adverts and music after the upbeat thread, so missed last 10 mins.😡 On dear. Catch it on podcast when available I guess.
    Ah that's annoying. I'll have a word with Maritime Radio - they were testing our link to their studio this evening. The podcast will be out shortly. 
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    Okay Louis cheers. Thought I'd let you know.👍 sorry for typo with your name earlier. 😯
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  • Hi Louise :smile:
    Thanks covered end. Ruddy predicted texting. 😀
  • COOPS said:
    Hi Louise :smile:
    Thanks covered end. Ruddy predicted texting. 😀
    Bloody hell, Ruddy was ahead of the times! When did he predict that? :wink:
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