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Player Of The Year Vote

It is that time of year again and you can now cast your vote for Player Of The Year online at There are some real contenders this season so it will be interesting to see who will win. The results will be announced and the trophies presented at the POTY Dinner on Sunday 5th May. Tickets are on sale via the club ticket office. There will also be a small number of people collecting votes outside the ground before the Luton and Scunthorpe matches. Make your vote count.


  • Between Cullen and Sarr for me . 
  • Tough one but Lyle Taylor gets my vote.
  • Four contenders as I see it: Cullen, Phillips, Sarr, Taylor.  I could make solid arguments for all of them but it's goals that win matches so I think Taylor will get it.  Personally, given he wasn't first choice at the start of the season but is now immovable, I've got to go for Phillips.
  • Taylor for me.
  • For the way he has taken the opportunity to be charltons
    Phillips for me.
  • Another vote for Taylor.
  • Bauer or Taylor.

    Would have been Philips if he'd played, as he should have done, all season.

  • Dillon Phillips. He's having a brilliant 2019 but he's had to be incredibly patient to await his chance. He's finally put behind him a succession of excellent, reliable and injury-free loanees - Rudd, Amos and Steer, they were all good guys - but "one of our own" will always trump a stranger. Thanks a million, Dillion!! (And don't worry, Lyle, you know that in just a few months you've become the heart and soul of this club.)

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  • Nicky Ajose.
  • Lyle Taylor.  Nineteen goals - and many more created - so far.  His immediate bonding with the fans is also a pleasure.
  • Lyle Taylor or Lyle Taylor for me. Not just our most important player but also a hell of a leader out there. 

    Cullen second and maybe the winner if he'd played more. Controls games. Hope we keep him.
  • Lyle Taylor, Cullen close second, Naby most improved
  • Redhenry said:
    Lyle Taylor, Cullen close second, Naby most improved less crap

  • I'd say bielik also a contender, maybe his injuries have made him less so. but to have so many contenders is excellent. in past years any of these could have won. beilik, sarr, Cullen, Taylor, grant, lapslie, Phillips, bauer. 
  • or aribo
  • Surely Duchatelet is up there.
    He's been playing us out of sight all season.
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  • Pratley by far
  • edited April 12
    As it's player of the season and not just part of a season, that rules out the excellent Sarr,
    Cullen and Phillips, plus back to his consistent best Bauer.

    Lyle Taylor Baby has been the POTY since the first game to the last despite too many yellow cards and a few open goal misses.

    His character not to mention 19 goals has seen him taken to the heart of the majority of Cafc fans.

  • Taylor favourite
    Followed by Cullen/Sarr/Phillips (all of which have missed chunks of the season for different reasons, otherwise would have stronger cases to challenge Taylor for POTY)

    Bielik/Bauer/Aribo outsiders
  • Pratley by far
    He's got Leuth's vote.
  • Personally don't understand why Bauer isn't even considered for a top 3 spot. Part of a great defense, very consistent, never really does anything wrong, makes some crucial blocks and tackles. Not saying he gets my vote or should win it but I do think he is very underrated. I'll probably vote for Cullen.
  • Taylor 
  • It’s testament to how we are doing that we have at least five genuine contenders but I think for pure talisman value Lyle takes it. 
  • Lyle - he has been the catalyst.
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