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Post Match Views - Charlton v Burton

3 points. That’ll do.
Any comments on tonight’s game -
Post them here, not in the match thread!  B)  ;)


  • Burton commentator kept saying we looked calm the last ten minutes and looked sure to win. Nah mate that's not entirely what I was feeling but that aside, good win to keep pace with Pompey!!!! The Valley remains a fortress 
  • Chuffed. Will be a monumental balls up not to make the playoffs now. Well done Lee Bowyer and the players.
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    Six juicy points in 2 games.

    Keep the run going lads!

  • 11 points clear of 7th now! Massive few days.
  • Naby had gone too many games without getting MOTM, clearly 
  • Thanks for the commentary updates guys. Appreciated as always. 
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  • Terrible second half performance but great result .

    Worst double I've ever see us get in a season, bizarre to be so poor in both matches yet win both.  Burton must be sick of us!
  • Extremely leggy second half, but ground it out in the end.

    Rest up boys... worked your nuts off over the last 2 games and 6 points to show for it.

    Cullen MOTM. Head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch and that includes Taylor who scored one and got an assist!
  • Gotta say I’m not happy with the time this thread started, I was making another G&T in the kitchen...
  • Thanks for the updates. Big win and a great week. C'mon guys, lets chase Barnsley down.
  • Good win, striking options are worrying, Parker looked horrific
  • Appreciate the commentary as I live in France thank you. Good result again COYAs
  • Only 5 points off our total points from last year... We have a decent run in too!
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  • We didn't come out in the second half, thankfully Burton didn't look up to much either
  • Well if anyone thinks that Josh Parker is the answer to finding a striker partner for Taylor, surely after tonight they need to think again.

    Obviously early days yet but he showed absolutely nothing tonight.

    Is he really a striker? Parker is being pressed into service up front because there's virtually no other option, if Bowyer doesn't want to overplay Igor after being out so long.

    Remember, Parker has played much of his career as a midfielder.
    There'll be a reason for that.

  • Comfortable victory , never in trouble
  • Awful,  second half woeful.  Hardly won a 2nd ball all night.  Cullen MOM,  Parker rubbish. But 3 points just the same. 
  • Also given the Player Marks so far, did I see a different Sarr to all of you? I saw numerous beastings of their forwards, a few huge tackles and some lovely balls over the top. So in short I saw the usual. Was it just too cold to appreciate his charms or something?
  • Fosu was the hole in our side today, not Parker 
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