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Jean Tindell

Excellent piece in VOTV wishing Jean well after two recent falls.

Many of you will know Jean, especially if you travelled on the coaches from Bromley or came to Bromley Addicks meetings where she would, despite being tiny, squeeze huge amounts of money for raffle tickets out of everyone who attended.

She is still President of Bromley Addicks so when we hadn't heard from her for a while @wwtone spoke to her son.

Jean is being well looked after and is recovering but won't be back at the beloved Valley for a while.

Bromley Addicks have sent flowers and the club, via @Tracey Leaburn, have sent a get well card.

I hope she got to see the game on TV last night.  Sure that would have cheered her up.


  • well done @Tracey and the club 
  • Get well soon. 
  • Great bubbly and dependable character is Jean. Well thought of by everyone at Bromley Addicks.
    I miss the meetings very much now I am living up north.
  • I have known Jean for many, many years. She is a really lovely lady. She is Mrs Charlton. I am glad she is on the mend. During the couple of years before the Play-Off Final win, inaugural Premier League season, Division 1 title season and maybe our very early long seven year stint in the Prem I used to go on her coach.

    Get Well Soon Jean!

  • Sorry to hear about your falls Jean. Hope you get better soon x
  • Get well soon Jean from all the Target family.
  • Phew and breathe.
    A named person thread started by HI that isn't an RIP.
    Get well soon Jean.
  • Get get well soon Jean. Used to chat with Jean regularly when I used to hang around with my son after the game when he collected autographs. Mrs Charlton through and through.
  • Pleased to hear you're recovering well, Jean.

    All your friends at The Valley miss you with your lovely smile. 

    Hope to see you back there before too long.
  • Get get well soon Jean. Lovely lady
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  • Get well soon Jean, she used to work for one of my customers when I was in the paper trade. It was always great going in and having a ten minute chat about the Addicks before trying to wring a few orders out of her boss (who was also a nice bloke).    
  • I've only met Jean a handful of times but what a warm, friendly, helpful, thoughtful person - after that infamous soaking at Yeovil she went out of her way to make sure everyone was given a hot drink without a thought for herself. Get well soon Jean.
  • I wish her well.  Would’ve been on her coach a number of times in the mid/late 90s.  A lovely woman who has given her life to following Charlton and been an excellent steward.  Always had a friendly smile to greet passengers 
  • Part of the great coach stewardship
  • Ditto, sigh of relief. One of the nicest people you could know yet wouldn't argue! All love, you'll be back Jean. 
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