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Charlton v Portsmouth 2019 post-match views

Good win. 

Over to you!


  • Did both Doncaster and Peterborough lose today as well??!!
  • Brilliant. Rest Taylor against Burton now.
  • Did both Doncaster and Peterborough lose today as well??!!
    Yip and Blackpool only drew so a great set of results 
  • Allez allez allezzz
  • You beauties.

    Work in 6 hours, goodnight.
  • That was awesome 
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  • Not even bothered that my stream didn't work, the match thread was all the excitement I could handle! MASSIVE 3 points! Roll on Tuesday!
  • 2-1 on your big day out
  • How was Igor today ? Nearly a full game... the pounds will be dropping off...
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    We turned up trumps on the right day. Great win and killed off the TV voodoo curse - at least for a while. Feeling good.
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    And breath.
    Great win, but in typical Addicks fashion they made us sweat bucket loads for it, despite totally out playing them for 85 mins.

  • Great win, proper team performance and so unlike our usual sky sports games! 

    We we play like that every game and the playoffs are ours. 
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  • Great result that
  • How many games left for Taylor’s card amnesty?
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    Looks like a very important result re. play-offs:
    • GD 11 better than Peterborough,
    • they and Donny would both have to make up an 8 pts gap on us in 10 games (11 for Donny),
    • 15 pts from 10 games will probably see us into the pay-offs,
    • just 2 pts behind Pompey and a home advantage in 2nd leg.
  • How many games left for Taylor’s card amnesty?
    Just needs to get through Tuesday I think? We should start with him on the bench
  • Anyone coming back on Michael Jackson thread now?
  • Well that's the telly hoodoo defeated. Great performance. Only negative is we should have won by more than one goal.

    Any watching neutral must have been very impressed.
  • Absolute quality from start to finish. Cut above a team that was top for much of the season. Taylor one game away from that yellow card reset too. Buzzin
  • Played some cracking stuff today but was agony at the end. Strong result though making last week’s result look a very good point, aided by other results this weekend. 

    Several MOTM candidates. Bielik was incredibly good first half but Cullen and Aribo made sure he wasn’t missed second. 

    Looking forward to a repeat of 98. 
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