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Doncaster v Charlton - Post Match Views

Shares spoiled oop north. Crucially didn’t lose, but results around us weren’t kind.

thoughts from those there or watching on streams?


  • Looked like a fair result to me
    tough point earned 
    playoffs still looking likely 
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    Was happy to take a draw before the game. But not so sure now we know top 4 and 7th all won (more concern that some of them know how to win comfortably which is something we can’t seem to do).

    Followed game from the office again, so thanks to @ross1
  • No booking for Taylor 
    Thats a positive
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    5 points from disappointment
  • Good game....played some good stuff.
    Have to say it was probably a fair result in the end, although we played the better stuff.
  • Hard to see us scoring enough to get through the play off games and go up. Thanks Roland.
    I’d say 1-1 away from home against a top 6 side isn’t much worse than what we’d have done with Grant.

    Taylor hasn’t become a bad finisher over night, he’s just in a bad run of form. I still fancy us.

  • We'll make the playoffs but have no chance of top two. We just don't score enough.
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  • Well, it's getting like the end of last season, some nice football, but we've forgotten how to score. Will make the play offs, but won't be good enough to go up, without the additional of another striker and we all know it ain't gonna happen.
  • Taylor doesn't look like scoring anytime soon, which is scary because neither does anyone else
  • Both teams had chances, admittedly they had more than us, but we were too slow in the final third. Draw probably a fair result
  • I thought the sub immediately after we scored was a terrible call. Too negative. We play some good football when we have the ball but lose out on most 50/50s. Draw was a fair result but thankful that late goal was not allowed although not sure why!
    Can only presume Igor was struggling and it made sense to bring on fresh pair of legs?
  • No booking for Taylor 
    Thats a positive
    He's too meh! though; you take away the battling Taylor and your left with a less than average Magennis
  • Can we hold to the 5-point lead for the 6th spot with 11 left?
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    Playoffs look a reasonable shout but we must start scoring goals. Good result at Doncaster. Taylor playing within himself to avoid another yellow before they get wiped out?
  • Hope Bielek injury aint to serious, his a big player for us
  • We get into some great positions, but are just not clinical enough.
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  • Just got to win 10 of the last 11 and it will be automatics
  • Can we hold to the 5-point lead for the 6th spot with 11 left?
    Would be pretty poor if we can't make playoffs from this position.
  • Glad we got a point. I think we'll finish in the play offs, over two legs this year I actually fancy us as long as key players are fit.
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    I think we are too good not to make the play offs from here. We just have to keep our best players fit and keep the confidence up as we know a few injuries and we are vulnerable. Doncaster is not an easy place to go to so a draw is ok although disapointing their equaliser happened so soon after our opener. 
  • sam3110 said:
    Taylor doesn't look like scoring anytime soon, which is scary because neither does anyone else
    Might just be that he has lost his edge whilst trying to avoid the booking

    Wait till we pass the 37 game mark and he isnt 1 booking away from a suspension and Lyle will be back
    He'll still only be six bookings away from a ban though?  (Applicable in the Premier League so presume it counts for the Football League too)

    that'll earn him a three match ban and could see him missing the whole of the Play-Offs
  • A good point i think. Follow it up with a win over pompey and we are still in a good position
  • Not a bad result but the lack of goals is a worry.

    At least Reeco and Parker scored for the stiffs.
  • Did Igor "kick on"?
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