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Is there any point to Eurovision??

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We pick another no hoper "talent show winner" to sing another crap song written by a useless songwriting team, to represent the most unpopular country in the EU for this contest,  why on earth are we still bothering, and why is it still on the BBC and not Dave or Quest? Oh it makes me so mildly irritated.


  • I thought it was pretty good.

    Hope Barnier doesn't get the casting vote!
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    Watch the Big Bang Theory instead. A refreshing change from the usual dross.
  • Nil points
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    I thought it was pretty good.

    Hope Barnier doesn't get the casting vote!
    He probably wouldnt have time as he would have to first contact the other 20 odd leaders to ratify his decision and get their approval in principle, they would then have to draft amendments and draw up a new proposal to put before the members for consideration, after the consultation process is complete they could then take their recomendation back to their individual Parliments to sanction his vote, but by then the phone polls would have been closed 11 months.
  • Greece gives twelve points to Cyprus 

  • SouthWest_Addicks said:
    Greece gives twelve points to Cyprus 

    Unless the singer/artist is a Turkish cypriot
  • No point whatsoever. It used to be a bit of fun but it’s now reached the point where getting no points is a badge of honour.
    its not really representative of our world beating music scene.
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  • Winds up the corbynistas
  • Reason why I voted to Leave.

    I f that would have been on the table I would have voted leave too.
  • It keeps gays and menopausal women happy for a night.
  • It keeps gays and menopausal women happy for a night.
    I thought that was 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
  • I'm just hoping that we get classic performances like the 2014 Polish entry.

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    I used to watch it in the days of Sandie, Lulu and Cliff but then I was young carefree and foolish.

    Haven’t watched it for years, so I presume not, particularly as we seem to be very embarrassing at it.
  • Swerved this programme for years, dismissing it as dross. Last year I was stuck in a country pub with nowhere else to go and this on in the bar. Quite enjoyed it.
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    100% camp fest. Not watched it for years but got sucked in last year and found it morbidly fascinating. Songs are in the main horrific but the backstage shenanigans are pure europop gold. Graham Norton and his comments are perfect.
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  • It’s so crass that it’s funny. I’m sure that most are taking the piss to avoid hosting the event that costs £millions to produce. It’s only the rich countries or those that want to promote their country make an effort. 

    Try watching it without the sound - it’s just as good!
  • Terry Wogan’s sarcasm was funny for a while but @Uboat is right it makes for a fun evening if you drink enough and watch the mayhem unfold 
  • It’s a laugh, what’s not to like. Yes the songs are mostly crap but absurdly funny and the highlight is the bizarre voting. 
  • The voting is ridiculous. Adele singing her finest or the Beatles riding from the grave and back to their peak best & UK would still be the lower quarter of the board. The songs can be funny to watch for a short time if you have had a few drinks but the whole spectacle is grotesque in general.
  • Absolute dross. I'm amazed how the Europeans take it so seriously! Let's face it, British pop music is arguably the best in the World. Can anyone (other than a music geek) name a world class European act?

    (Ducks below parapet, tin hat on)
  • Reason why I voted to Leave.

    That's as good a reason as any.
  • I’m not sure, so will be watching it and making my mind up
  • In my teens for duke of Edinburgh award me and a mate used to run a disco for kids with various disabilities. 

    Every week making your mind up was the biggest floor filler, and we played some fairly decent stuff too. 
  • Australia are sending a singer !!!!!!! Wtf
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