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Jeremy Hardy RIP



  • Very. Always liked him.
  • I enjoyed his comedy and agreed with his politics. A sad loss.

  • RIP. Only 57.
  • Didn't agree with his politics and a principal reason why I switched off from much of Radio 4's 6.30 pm "comedy" slot. Nevertheless, very sad that anyone should die at that age and from that disease. RIP
  • What a great bloke he was, saw him live at the comedy store once. Brilliant comic and a genuine thorn in the side of the right. RIP Jeremy.
  • Very, very funny man.

    Terribly sad news.

    Amazing to think he was so young, he seemed as if he had been on the radio forever.

  • Saw him at the East Dulwich Tavern a couple of times before he started his radio work.

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  • A very funny man, and I'm sure it helped that I did agree mainly with his politics. Often hilarious on The News Quiz and will be sadly missed.

    RIP Jeremy.
  • Shock that. RIP
  • Very sad - saw him many times. Always seemed a decent guy.

  • I saw him at the Donmar Warehouse once, in the eighties. Very, very funny. But one person in the audience heckled him. Hardy put him down, in a very funny way. But the idiot carried on. So Hardy put him down again. Finally, the drunk fool had one more go at heckling. Hardy stopped his act, looked at him and shouted, at the top of his voice: "JUST FUCK OFF!"

    He then turned his attention back to the audience, apologised and said "I have ALWAYS wanted to do that".

    Very, very funny man.

  • Hadn't realised he was ill. Very sad - liked him, and found him very funny.
  • Very sad to hear this. Loved him on the news quiz and his stand up, RIP.
  • Oh this is very sad. I'm a huge fan of his radio work in particular. 57 no age at all. RIP
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  • Very sad news.
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    What a shock. I always liked Jeremy Hardy, although he disappeared from TV about 20 odd years ago (mine at any rate).
    Also I've never seen his gigs advertised. RIP.
  • Very sad. RIP
  • yes very sad, RIP.
  • Capable of being very funny at times.

  • Life is so precious. Younger than me. Very funny man .. RIP
  • An article in The Guardian about Jeremy Hardy, authored by Mark Lawson

    Jeremy Hardy: a ferocious talent who radicalised radio comedy
    Provocative and political, the stand-up – who has died aged 57 – shook up Radio 4 at a time when it was in danger of resembling a Rotary Club quiz night
  • This is very sad news. Saw him live twice, once as a stand up and once as part of the I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue live show. He was hilarious on both occasions.

    Was always one of my favourite guests on the News Quiz and Clue and I wondered why he hadn’t been on recent series.

    A sad loss.
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    A reflection on the life of Jeremy Hardy, with contributions from his friends Mark Steel and Jeremy Corbyn, was broadcast this afternoon in Last Word on BBC Radio 4.

    Jeremy Hardy is the first person to be featured in this week's programme. Also featured are Diana Athill OBE, Sir Conrad Swan, David Garman OBE and Michel Legrand.
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