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Post Match Views: Charlton v Sunderland : 5th January 2019

Well, a game of 2 halves. Bowyer must have used the hair dryer at half time.

Views and opinions on here, please.



  • Definitely a game of two halves

    Probably a fair result in the end... they bossed the first half - we dominated the second
  • Was at work so didnt get a chance to follow closely. Everytime I did checke in the second half, seemed we had a scoring chance. Were we unlucky not to win? I'll take that point regardless
  • Happy with a point after that first half display. Did well to come back but then Watmore should've won it at the end.

    Our league one rivals will probably be quite happy with us both drawing though.

    Fingers crossed we get some good takeover news next week. Come on you reds!!
  • Sadly not there but sounded like it was a game that we might have squeaked a win in the final analysis. In the end I would think most are just happy we got something after that early setback.

    We really do need players to come in and some to return. Could be a very good back end of the season if that happens. Still think top two is beyond us but winning the playoffs are very much on the cards.

    Takeover happens and the whole club is on a jolly all the way to Wembley.
  • Would have taken a point before the game, was expecting none at half time and disappointed we didn’t win. Unfortunately grants finishing was pre 2018 standards
  • Dominated the 2nd half. We were first to every 2nd ball in the 2nd half. Thought Bauer was brilliant, big chance for Grant but equally a decent chance for Watmore right at the end. Sunderland are a good team that should give us some real confidence to go on for the rest of the season.
  • Sounds like a fair result.

    Sadly I wasn't there today as I'm boycotting the new Aussie owners I've got a terrible cold/flu bug and went back to bed for a few hours!
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  • Gutted we couldn’t find that winning goal but a point is probably fair given that they were unlucky not to be two or three to by half time.

    Play like we did in the second half and there won’t be many teams that will be able to live with us in this division.
  • Great 2nd half, everyone gave their all.
    Tactically we are disjointed. Too many times our forwards are isolated and there's never enough support.
    Still, good result.
  • Oh and the quality from both teams was a really good advert for league 1. Really enjoyable match.

    This - great game second half.
  • Such a shame we couldn't find the winner, would have been a massive result with Sunderland already having games in hand. Slow start from us but thought we getting on top by the end of the first half second half we totally dominated, much more so than they did in the first. Just need the ball to break a bit more kindly in the box or Fosu to finally pass to a teammate (such a frustrating afternoon from him) but wasn't to be.

    Great result, really, given how many first choice players were missing, probably needed a bit more though. Can't fault the effort of the players though, fingers crossed we'll have a owner backing the manager with in the week and some quality reinforcements can be brought in.
  • Pratley and KAG's misses were awful. Both cost us 3 points.

    And please do not allow KAG to take free kicks with chances to score. He was hopeless against Walsall and today's was no better. Getting too Billy Big Bollxx IMHO
  • If we could play for a full 90, we'd be Heading for autos, imo.
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  • Let’s hope that the man with new purse was watching and thinks there’s a reason to invest this window.
  • Fair result and a very enjoyable day , the passing from us at times was sublime.

    BFG is an ifuriating player for me I just don’t see the big deal in him, always prone to a mistake his headers are tame positioning is not great and he seems slow to turn and run

    I’d have took Pratley off not Morgan

    Man of the match for me would’ve been Morgan but seeing as he didn’t last the 90 is give it Bielik
  • Definitely felt like there was a bigger home Crowd today.
  • Fair result, good atmosphere in the north upper.
    Whatever happened to the roker roar?

  • And please do not allow KAG to take free kicks with chances to score. He was hopeless against Walsall and today's was no better.
    Getting too Billy Big Bollxx IMHO

    Grant must be instructed to take free kicks in training and doing well with them.

    Otherwise he wouldn't be tasked with taking them during a League match.

  • edited January 5
    Great game, first half was possibly about as bad as we’ve played this year. We showed no urgency and created next to nothing while being very poor on the ball in general.

    Second half was the complete opposite, everyone got stuck in and wanted to get on the ball and make things happen. By the end of it I think we were unlucky not to win but I’d have taken a point at the start.

    Hopefully the last game under RD, COYR!
  • Agree, it was a very good game.
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