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R.I.P Ruth Strauss

Andrew Strauss wife has died aged 46 following a battle with a rare form of cancer


  • Terrible news. RIP.
  • RIP. That's awful.
  • Very sad. RIP Ruth.
  • RIP, cricketers on the whole seem far more normal and approachable than footballers and Strauss especially so. Gutted for him and his family.
  • Thoughts are with Andrew and especially his 2 sons.

    Sleep tight, Ruth.
  • RIP. Terrible.
  • Sad, sad news that.
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  • So sad. Far too young. RIP
  • Really sad news, 46 is no age.

  • Statement from Andrew

    "It is with great sadness and immense grief that we have to announce that Ruth passed away today as a result of her rare lung cancer," he said.

    "Sam, Luca and I will miss her terribly.

    "Anyone who has met Ruth will know how loving, caring and passionately protective she was of her family and it gives us huge comfort that she was in Australia, the land of her birth, surrounded by those who love her, in her final moments.

    "We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to those that have helped with her treatment over the last 12 months, in particular the wonderful team at University College Hospital in London.

    "Ruth desperately wanted to help those affected by this terrible disease and we will be launching a foundation in due course to raise much needed funds to aid research and also to offer support to patients and their families."
  • I'm sure that, despite their on the field battles, Glenn McGrath will, given the tragic similarity in their circumstances, take the opportunity to offer his condolences and help if needed. The McGrath Foundation has helped specifically those who have suffered from breast cancer and no doubt the one that Andrew Strauss will raise millions too for the battle against cancer. Just a shame that the NHS isn't able to do more.

    RIP Ruth
  • very sad for Andrew and his two young sons .. R I P Ruth
  • i am gutted.
    Ruth and Andrew were such nice,soft,genuine people.
    Dont know what to say.
  • RIP Ruth, very sad news
  • How very very tragic.
  • That's horrible news I cannot imagine what Andrew Strauss and his children are going through. Rest in peace
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  • Very sad RIP
  • Sad to hear this... i worked with Ruth back in 2000/01 at Balmoral Beach in Mosman, Sydney when Andrew Strauss was playing grade cricket over there.

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