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Statbank: Half season comparison

OK I was bored whilst the Lass watched that Midwife prog last night so here are some comparisons between the first half of this and last season

blue = opposition
Last season highest MoM was Amos at Bradford and the lowest was Bauer at Blackburn
This season highest MoM was Lapslie at Pompey and the lowest was Steer at Rochdale

For those interested in the ref, which we have been recorded since Fleetwood at home, shows that the best ref with a mark of 7.13 was Brooks at Pompey and the worst with a mark of 3.87 was Whitestone at home to Oxford , the average mark for refs is 5.82


  • What’s the Ave team score comparison Lancy?
  • More goals from fewer shots
  • Lot more fouls - is that indicative of a greater desire to get the ball? More inexperienced players on the pitch being a bit clumsy? Increased recklessness? Tougher refereeing? Or what?
  • What’s the Ave team score comparison Lancy?

    ah you might have noticed my deliberate mistake - "Avg MoM" should read "Avg Team", the average MoM are as follows:
    Last year: 7.53
    This year: 7.51
  • Very Very interesting.

    Not a lot in it to be honest, would have expected a lot more in it considering the shit I witnessed most of last year.

    Maybe just more desire to win this year (bar a couple of significant games we were pretty poor)

  • Thanks Lanky lanky, ooooohhhhh lanky,lanky,lanky

    OOps, sorry !
  • Yes very interesting. Think this also shows we have been a bit harsher in our marking as perhaps we have higher expectations. (evidence is better results but similar ave marks overall)
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