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Players Marks: Blackpool v Charlton

At Bloomfield Road or on a stream:



Marshall: n/a (edit)
Reeves: n/a (edit)


  • Referee 6.5 idk

    Steer: 7.5 brilliant saves
    Solly: 6.5 solly
    Bauer: 6 poor distribution
    Pearce: 6 done for the winner
    Stevenson: 6 did ok, would have much preferred Sarr
    Aribo: 7 got stuck in and good goal
    Bielik: 7 good burst for goal and did well second half
    Lapslie: 6.5 a mix of ineptitude and bustling effort, helped make us tick in the second half i guess
    Fosu: 6 not really his day/season
    Taylor: 6 nothing went right
    Grant: 6 good assist and a whole load of wrong decisions
  • From the stream

    Referee 7

    Steer: 7
    Solly: 6
    Bauer: 6.5
    Pearce: 7
    Stevenson: 7
    Aribo: 6
    Bielik: 7
    Lapslie: 5
    Fosu: 6
    Taylor: 6
    Grant: 5

    Marshall: 7
    Reeves: 6.5
  • Referee- 6

    Steer: 7 - important saves good distribution
    Solly: - 6 - solid
    Bauer: 7
    Pearce: 7
    Stevenson: 6 - good overall performance, lost the wide man for their first. Keep him in the side
    Aribo: 7.5 - best game ive seen him have this season
    Bielik: 6 - 5 first half, 7 in second
    Lapslie: 6 - effort little product
    Fosu: 6 - grew into it
    Taylor: - 6
    Grant: -6

    Marshall: 7 - we became more dangerous when he came on
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    Referee: 5 - Bottled the second yellow, pretty standard otherwise

    Steer: 8 (MoTM) - Made two lovely saves which kept us in the game for the second half

    Solly: 7 - Solid at the back, didnt do much wrong

    Bauer: 7 - Pretty solid performance, didnt really do much wrong either

    Pearce: 7.5 - Gets a slightly higher mark for his ball boy duties

    Stevenson: 6 - Not bad from the youngster, didnt really made any mistakes but couldnt get forward much either

    Bielik: 5 - Was disappointed with him today

    Lapslie: 7 - Another reliable game from the youngster

    Aribo: 7 - Nice finish but thought he was poor today

    Fosu: 5 - Would start Marshall ahead of him on Tuesday

    Taylor: 7 - Didnt get any service but kept working hard

    Grant: 7.5 - Same as Taylor yet gets an extra mark for the assist

    Marshall: 7 - Good cameo from him
    Reeves: 5 - Wasnt impressed in the slightest!!!
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    Referee: 3 Missed two penalties (one from Lapslie's cross, the other the handball from Solly). But not booking Tilt for his ridiculous foul on Taylor, what would have been a second yellow, was maybe the worst decision of the season thus far.

    Steer: 7.5 (MOTM) - Might have been at fault for the opener, it was hard to tell from the angle. It might have also been Pearce sliding in and colliding with him. But kept us in the game with two crucial saves in the first half.

    Solly: 6 - Was there. Didn't do a whole lot.

    Bauer: 7 - Solid

    Pearce: 6 - Might have been at fault for the first goal. Seems to either slide in and not get the ball or slide in to Steer. Definitely at fault for the second where he lets Delfouneso run in behind him.

    Stevenson: 6 - Got up and back well but didn't do a whole lot.

    Aribo: 7.5 - When we play well, he plays well, but not the other way around unfortunately. Was brilliant for that 30 minute stretch in the second half. Should have played Karlan in for the second on around 65 minutes. Poor in the first half apart from getting a foot in a couple times.

    Bielik: 7 - Much better from him. He wins a lot of headers and is very tidy on the ball. Started poorly but grew into it.

    Lapslie: 6 - I don't know what position he was playing because whatever it was he kept leaving it. Had a couple of lovely moments of skill, namely that turn in the box in the first half. But he also has some very frustrating moments and him playing on/from the right means Solly can't really get forward.

    Fosu: 6.5 - Seemed to be playing on the left, where he seems more comfortable than in the 10 role. largely didn't come off for him today. I don't know what's happened to him. I think some of it is that Grant and Taylor like to take up the positions he likes to take up. Some of it is that he never runs in behind, and that makes him easier to mark. And some of it seems to be the 4-4-2 of this season. Not to mention missing significant time through injury and suspension. But that was a couple months ago now and you'd expect him to be finding some form. And he's shown flashes of it. But he's been nowhere near what he's capable of.

    Taylor: 7 - Up and down day.

    Grant: 7 - Assist and looked dangerous. Great curling shot/cross that Taylor just missed for 1-2.

    Marshall: 7 - Got at them. Still no real end product.

    Reeves: 5.5 - Yikes. Awful set piece delivery. Bringing him on with 10 minutes to go on a quickly deteriorating pitch was a strange substitution.

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    Referee 6

    Steer: 7.5 one worldy to keep us in it
    Solly: 6 usual
    Bauer: 6 some loose balls not as commanding
    Pearce: 6 as Bauer
    Stevenson: 6 seemed to get exposed a lot but better than last week
    Aribo: 7 usual extra point for the goal
    Bielik: 6.5 good work rate better at CB
    Lapslie: 6 usual effort
    Fosu: 6 still not at last year's level
    Taylor: 7 got stuck in worked hard
    Grant: 6.5 extra half point for assist

    Marshall: 7 carried on good work from last week made a noticeable difference
    Reeves: 5 dissappointing cameo poor free kicks never cleared the first man

    Atrocious conditions 2nd half with driving rain as well as cold wind to contend with.
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    Referee 4 - Should have sent off their player in first half and should have had a pen.

    Steer: 8
    Solly: 6
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Stevenson: 6
    Aribo: 7.5
    Bielik: 6
    Lapslie: 6
    Fosu: 6.5
    Taylor: 6.5
    Grant: 6.5

    Marshall: 6.5
    Reeves 2 - Match went against us when he came, 2 really shit set pieces as well.
  • Referee: 4 should have given a 2nd yellow to their CB for foul on Taylor

    Steer: 7 some great saves
    Solly: 6.5
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 5.5 Done for the goal
    Stevenson: 4 didn't take his chance. We look better with Solly at LB
    Aribo: 6.5 got forward well and scored
    Bielik: 5.5 terrible first half. Good run for our goal in the 2nd half. Not a midfielder
    Lapslie: 6
    Fosu: 6.5
    Taylor: 6.5
    Grant: 6.5

    Marshall: 6.5 deserves to start / a run in the team
    Reeves: 6.5 I thought he looked much better than Bielik in the holding role. Moved the ball far quicker
  • At the game
    Referee 7

    Steer: 7
    Solly: 6
    Bauer: 6
    Pearce: 6
    Aribo: 5
    Bielik: 6.5
    Lapslie: 5.5
    Fosu: 5
    Taylor: 6
    Grant: 6
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    Was there

    Referee 7

    Steer: 7
    Solly: 6.5
    Bauer: 6.5
    Pearce: 6.5
    Stevenson: 5
    Aribo: 7
    Bielik: 5
    Lapslie: 6
    Fosu: 6
    Taylor: 7
    Grant: 6.5
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  • Referee 6

    Solly: 6
    Bauer: 6.5
    Pearce: 6.5
    Aribo: 7
    Bielik: 6.5
    Lapslie: 6
    Fosu: 6.5
    Taylor: 6.5
    Grant: 6

    Marshall: n/a (edit)7
    Reeves: n/a (edit)6
  • Referee 6

    Steer: 6 ok
    Solly: 5 two blocks and that was about it. why is he in the starting 11?
    Bauer: 6 ok
    Pearce: 6 ok
    Stevenson:5.5 being played to sell. Not good enough atm
    Aribo: 7.5 Best player on pitch
    Bielik: 6.5 started bad but got better
    Lapslie: 5.5 runs around a lot but always goes sideways
    Fosu: 4.5 Different player to Northampton away, wtf has happened
    Taylor: 7 i dream of a team of Lyle Taylers
    Grant: 6.5 good when he got the ball

    Marshall: 5

    Our weakness is the full backs. We aren't going up until this is addressed.
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