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Beat The Bookie 2018/19 - Week 14 results & Week 15 fixtures - December 7th - December 10th

18 out of 84 lifers got a return on their virtual tenner in week 14.
Collectively we would be £1,374.87 up for the season.
Wins for Cardiff (3.60), Brighton (3.30) and West Ham (3.00) sees @MrOneLung return £356.40 and is this weeks winner. His first return of the season sees him jump from joint bottom to 6th overall, giving the rest of us, still to break our ducks, hope.
A first also, and treble figure return for @Big_Bob.
@Addickted2TheReds still leads overall.
This is all manually checked so I will make mistakes. Please check your returns and inbox me if you notice an error.
Congratulations to all winners. I hope you backed it in reality.


The Rules
Each week a selection from the weekends games will be posted up.
Each weekend you'll be given a virtual tenner to put on either a single, double or treble.
Simply post your bet from the selections and we'll work out peoples virtual winnings/losses over the season.
If you don't use your bet you get -£10 for that week.
If you know you're going to be away and don't want to miss the week then PM me with your selections.
Any newbie coming in will start on the same balance as the lowest in the competition.

Below are this weeks fixtures. Please note the dates and kick off times


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