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What ever happened to the series of metatarsal injuries...was it just a fad or a unlucky spate of injuries or down to the design of the football boots?


  • Metatarsal injuries are simply out of fashion. A bit like shin splints, which were all the rage in the late 90s.

    Like flares, they'll come back eventually.
  • Definitely down to the boots and their lack of protection.

    Bring back leather boots.

  • Fully expect to read that Lyle Taylor is now out for 8 weeks with a broken metatarsal now!
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    I've got absolutely no evidence to back this up but maybe its to do with metal blades being banned? When I was younger my Adidas Predators had metal blades and they were lethal! especially if you had to walk across and hard surface to get to the pitch, basically sharpening them up!
  • Were you in Blade Runner?
  • Broke mine in April. They still happen.
  • Broke mine in April. They still happen.

    A bit old fashion there Paul. I’m not sure what the new uptodate injury is but try and keep up :wink:

    I hope you have made or making a good recovery.
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    Broke mine in April. They still happen.

    I broke a couple (separately) years ago .. it felt like a ton of lead had been dropped on my foot from a great height .. remember that they mended fairly quickly though
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