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Saints v Man U

Southampton leading 2-0 after 20 minutes...

Alex Ferguson in the stands laughing and joking following that second goal. Mourinho's face in the dugout is a picture...


  • 2-2 before half time... :-( crap day all round.
  • Saints have not won at home all season. Perhaps if we had tried better in the cup yesterday, we may have drawn them away and helped them out.... Again...
  • Dreadful match.
  • My manager has a Southampton season ticket and says it’s the worst football he has seen in nearly 50 years of watching them. The have won one home game in 2018.
    Not quite sure how Mark Hughes keeps getting jobs.
  • United were no different - lack of drive and skill. I’ve seen better on Hackney marshes.
    Hughes and Morino can’t hide behind that display.
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