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Emergency Service short cuts. Alexa...or a watch?

I'm going to be living in my own soon...and I will need to have access to a better and more quick fire way to get in touch with emergency services before I may possibly, potentially pass out.

Does anyone have any particular recommendations?

It would be stroke like the aim is, to have something I could just shout at....which would mean an ambulance will be on its way. I'm possibly and potentially rather vunerable.

I personally think that a watch....that's always going to be on my wrist is the clear and best idea.

I've never had or used a smart watch before. Don't even know where to start regarding one of those.

I guess a trip to the Apple store is on the cards, possibly. My goodness I suddenly feel like an old out of date technophobe ...and I'm only 29. (Well that's kind of old)

I should know about these things.

I have an android phone....but I'm an iTunes man. An iPhone that plays music but I can't make it have access to English networks (I've tried don't worry about checking that out)

I hate Spotify...and free monthly payment type music.

Obviously the priority is a way to be seen to before i may pass out.

Having "Alexa" sounds a good idea too. Its also something to talk to and to play my music etc.

But I hear it won't allow iTunes.

Thanks for any help or recomdations.

Hope Charlton have equalised....


  • Ok, thanks for that information. Helpful :-)
  • My wife's mother uses a personal alarm service and emergency wristband via which she can contact emergency services ... have a word with your medical contacts or GP.
  • Dave, i remember reading that the new version of the Apple Watch can tell if you’ve fallen and can also automatically call emergency services if you don’t respond in 1 minute. I don’t know if that’s available on the UK, but you might want to check.
  • Just had a quick google, and there's at least one service that actually sells a proper wristwatch with the emergency alarm functionality built in, rather than just a standard push button alarm on a wrist strap. You're also probably going to need a keysafe of some sort, so that it's possible to gain access to your place in an emergency without having to smash their way in.
  • Definitely go for some kind of careline/linkline service. Go to activations of these frequently. They have details of who to contact and are geared up to exactly your sort of needs. Speak to local social services and they will be able to give you details. Way more reliable that a smart phone or speaker.
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