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What stands have you sat / stood in at The Valley

With golfies admission to making his seated debut in the Covered End coming up on Tuesday i cant believe there are other regulars who haven’t had a dabble in there , or am I the weirdo for stand hopping over the years .
Personally I’ve had a season ticket at some point in all 3 sides and been in the Jimmy Seed stand for a cup game when we first came back and used to sit in there late 70s and early 80s with the away fans( you know I love em) sometimes when you could just walk all the way around the ground , Chelsea , Cardiff , Leicester , Middlesbrough (simonsens debut, I think) the ones I can remember.


  • Covered End, East, Jimmy Seed, West.

    Half way line just behind the dugouts is my favourite for watching the game.

    North Upper is the winner for atmosphere or was when we had fans.
  • Been in them all, used to love the little terrace between the old west stand and covered end
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    Been in them all, used to love the little terrace between the old west stand and covered end

    I knew it as the paddock.
    All of the stands, before and since the return, also the home dressing room before and since the return.

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  • Done 'em all in my time.
    For view, half way up the old East terrace leaning on a barrier.
    For 'atmosphere' standing in the old Covered end.
    For getting a good look at the players. Walking around the ground at half-time so as to always be behind the oppositions goal.

    Now, I just wish I had the motivation to go ...............................
  • All of them

    East terrace in my earliest days.

    Covered End season ticket when they shut the east terrace before we left in 85.

    Jimmy Seed season ticket 92-94

    East Stand ever since

    West Stand probably half a dozen times when I have been on a corporate.

    Haven’t sat in the corners though.
  • Original Valley
    Covered End, East Terrace (near Covered End and Middle half-way up), West Terrace near Covered End - never away end or the old West Stand, although been in front of it on the pitch!

    New Valley
    North Upper and Lower, West Upper and Lower, East and North East Corner (Family) - now in West Stand.
  • Only the North and West. The only ground where I have watched a game from every angle was the old Den.
  • All of them in the old Valley and every stand in the new, except the temporary west stand when it first reopened.
  • Have been in all the old and new Valley with the exception of the little terrace between the Jimmy Seed and the old main stand
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  • Ever since I've had a Season Ticket (98/99) I've only ever sat in the East Stand apart from one game (League Cup tie against Carlisle) when I sat in the North Upper

    In my early years of being a fan I sat in the West Stand Lower for a midweek game against Tranmere and one game in the North Lower against Stoke

    Never been in the West Upper nor have I ever been in the corners
  • Only since The Valley reopened.

    North Lower until the Upper opened.

    Have sit in the East literally 2 or 3 times due to being a guest in a box or the time v Brentford when the North Upper had to relocate due to a power cut. Might have done the odd friendly too.

    Sat in The JS once think it was the second or third match back at The Valley.

    Done the West Lower for the occasional pre season friendly.

    Have sat in the NW quadrant one time too.

    Never been in the West Upper or NE quadrant. Never really moved about having had a ST in the North since 98.
  • Valley before 85: Covered End
    Valley since returning in 92: Every stand
  • Stood in the small terrace between the covered end and the west from about 1965. Used to hop in to the seats and then get thrown back out every single game. Then the giant East terrace , sometimes it felt all by myself. Stood in the covered end singing songs for about 5 years when attending home and away. Used to hop over the fence at some point every game as a kid, usually by the Sam Bartram entrance. Parked there yesterday and told my son I felt I could still do it if I had to as going through the turnstiles can cause chlostrephobia to us slightly portly chaps.
  • Valley before 85: Covered End
    Valley since returning in 92: Every stand

    Same except East Terrace instead of Covered End. My dad wouldn't take me in there!
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    Been in all 4 post-1992. Jimmy Seed tended to be the easiest to get tickets in after we came back so went in that quite a lot. Went in the West a couple of times when it had the seats that now furnish Gillingham's away end.

    Got my first season ticket in '94 in the Covered End and been there ever since, but used to use first and second round League Cup ties against lower division minnows (who we get to play every week under Roland) to check out other bits of the ground.

    Particularly enjoy sitting near the player's tunnel or near the dugouts for a change of scenery. Next to the director's box has become more interesting the last few years as well.
  • Have sat in since the return the North Lower, North Upper, NWQ, West lower, West Upper, East and South Sand. I’ve walked though it but only one not sat in is the family NEQ.

    At one of the protest games a couple of years ago I managed to cover 5 different stands in one game!
  • Sat in all of the them including upper and lower. Sat in the south once when we played Oldham when it was half and half. Think it was 1-1 that day and kins scored.
  • Police control box and TV gantry but not during games.

    East stand box and directors box during games.

    East stand half way line 3l4 way back when terrace and right at back now seats still the best. Will be straight back there when Roland goes.
  • Old Valley: Stood on East Terrace and in Covered End.
    New Valley: Had STs for North Upper, North Lower, North East Quadrant (family area) and Jimmy Seed. Also sat in West and East. Only the North West Quadrant to go now. When two shats finally sells up I'll treat myself and do the set.
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  • Have stood everywhere, but only sat in West Lower. Apart from being a guest in a box in the East last season.
  • Stood and sat everywhere but the best time was when we played in the old 3rd Division back in the mid '70s.

    We would start behind the goal at the home end but, if and when we won the toss, would run round behind the back of the west stand so that we could be behind the goal at the end we were attacking. Then, at half time, would take a gentle stroll back to the home end.

    Couldn't do it every game but with crowds of 5,000 and the likes of Grimsby or Hereford bringing one man and his dog it really wasn't an issue. How times have changed.
  • When I first started going in 1965, I was placed on the railings of the Terrace just left of the old west stand. No Health and Safety in those days, there was a bit of a drop, I can tell you. Told my dad I wanted to go into the covered end and he went and plonked me on the railings, behind the goal whilst he went back to his usual spot. No child protection or safety in those days. As I got older I joined the covered end crew and sometimes joined my dad who by this time had moved to the east terrace to stand with @Weegie Addick dad. The season we moved out of the Valley, I bought myself a season ticket in the seats.

    When we moved back to the valley, I had a season ticket in the Jimmy Seed and when the East Stand went up, I moved there. When the West Stand went up, I moved there and when the North Upper went up, I moved there. Since we got relegated from the Prem, I’ve had Season tickets in the West Lower, West Upper and Family Stand. I think you would describe me as a bit of a Drifter. When Duchatelet goes, I think I’m going to settle or retire to the West Upper until my dying days. You get the best view up there

  • When I first started going as a kid, stood behind the goal opposite the Covered End, pre-Jimmy Seed Stand, moved to the huge terraced banks on the East for a while, then on to my spiritual home in the old Covered End. Occasionally went in the West Stand when it was infiltrated by groups of visiting fans and we wanted to say ‘hello’.

    Since we returned to the Valley, I have sat in the East Stand.
  • All of them, including the old clock end terrace next to the cupboard end, and the small terracing that was next to the jimmy seed
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    Managed to cover all options before we left The Valley and after then again after the return.

    NWQ is probably my favourite view, but have managed to see us lose all 4 games that I’ve sat there.
  • Not been in the West upper or the family enclosure but otherwise sat in all the other stands of new Valley
  • too young to have gone to the old valley. My dad used to always stand on the East terrace so we sit in the East when I go. Have been in the covered end upper a few times as I had a bad back and I could stand up there. been in the west a couple of times for cup games and friendlies.
  • Began with the old man about a 3rd of the way up in front of a crush barrier on the East Terrace. Then East Stand season ticket holder when it re-opened.

    Old Covered End, both as terrace and with seats and behind high fencing. They were the days not. Season ticket holder in there when we returned. New Covered End both lower and upper.

    NWQ with my son.

    South terrace before they built on it. Would switch ends at half time. Jimmy Seed for cup games, and when it was split when we first returned home, and then in there with away fans when I shouldn’t have been.

    Old Main Stand, and then both tiers when it got rebuilt. Executive box couple of times but never enjoyed it.

    And that fantastic little terrace between the west and Covered End. Used to get a bit hairy in there.

    God I’m old.

  • Never been in the west upper. Think I’ve been in the north upper, definitely never done either quadrant. Had my season ticket in the west lower since 98/99 season. Before that, my dad I used to move about, be toss up of the old covered end and east stand as to the place I’ve sat in the most. Sat in the jimmy Seed a few times

    Old valley I’m not sure as I was born 82. Definitely got taken to a few games as a 2 year old, but not sure where I would’ve watched them from. Have to ask the old man
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