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The *Bite Size* Takeover Nonsense Thread

You moaned, we listened.

A number have complained that they would rather not wade through the propaganda, speculation and (possibly somewhere) facts on The Takeover Thread about the potential take over of Charlton (as if) to get your daily dose of nonsense. When there's no takeover news, it's easy to find the nonsense you need without having to work through pages of pet theories and speculation. But on a night like tonight where there has been a meeting, suddenly it becomes a nightmare.

So our mods will run a Bite Size thread for those that just want to cherry pick the latest puns, rhymes, jokes, food combinations and chit chat.

This thread will be be kept closed to ensure its purity and to keep it free from facts and rumours. If you would like to contribute to this thread please inbox me or post a summary in the main takeover thread and I'll take the credit when I copy it here.

August 2014
@Sonicstud85 posts a groundbreaking early noodle post: 'The new Peri Peri Pot Noodle is devine'.

February 2018
Noodle Fever sweeps the Takeover thread. @BetterCallSaul states Red Bull is best enjoyed with a Pot Noodle. @catfordmorry wanted to know how to cook a pot noodle, to which @johnny73 says just chuck it in the microwave. @Solidgone claimed that Elvis sang about Pot Noodles. @JamesSeed wondered if there were gravy flavoured ones to which @Scoham informs him that it's a northern thing. @AFKABartram likes Chow Mien @cfgs likes chicken and mushroom but did mention something about a Brazilian (not sure if he hadn't changed topic though. @Karim_myBagheri posted a salacious picture of a Hot Noodle bearing the words 'Hurt Me You Slag'. @SE7toSG3 treated us to a story that might as well have started Uncle Albert style with the words 'during the war...' and carried on to describe eating pot noodle sandwiches whilst doing something with a shimuli (no, me neither) and engaging in bare knuckle fights with Russians. In contrast, @Henry Irving confessed that he's never had a pot noodle and hopes he never shall.

May 2018
Fish puns are back in fashion. Too many (and too many repeats) to give individual credits but 'Clown-ing around', 'What's the manta with you?', 'get rid of RD hook, line and sinker', "Roland a cheap skate', 'Carping', 'jumped the shark', 'Krill someone', an 'Karel Fry' were amongst the many delights posted.

September 2018
Short discussion about Islands in which @HarryLime reminded us very cleverly in response to a 'no man is an island' quote that in fact Barry is.


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