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Go Eagles !!!

Alright then, Go West Coast...


  • The only time I will cheer on the eagles hope they win, worked with a west cost huge fan for years so got up early to watch the match
  • Last quarter all even. ........
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    Bloke dropped the man on the line, to almost win the game for Eagles.

    Bad decision by Collingwood by playing for the marks deep in their own half. Lost the ball and the rest is history.
  • Nice to see Eddie's face at the end...

  • Took me four posts to work out this about Aussie rules and not the nfl
  • Always love to see Collingwood lose. What an epic grand final that was!!!
  • Nice to see Eddie's face at the end...

    Yes, priceless to see 'Eddie Everywhere' being miserable
  • Only just watched the match ... fcuking brilliant!

    I was fearing the worst after the Maggies kicked the first five goals of the game but that was an awesome performance after quarter-time.

    Jack Darling had a mixed day - his first term was shocking, then he dragged himself back into the match, and almost buggered it all up at the end by dropping a piss-easy chest mark on the goal line in the last couple of minutes.

    McGovern, Barrass, and Schofield were immense in defence, keeping the Eagles in the game in the first half hour when Collingwood were in control. Mason Cox didn't have much of an impact after all the hype following his performance against the Tiggers in the Prelim.

    Scotty Lycett and Nath Vardy battled well with Brodie Grundy and made sure the Pies didn't dominate the stoppages.

    Luke Shuey deserved the Norm Smith Medal although Dom Sheed must have come close (to think he wasn't even a settled member of the 1st team until Andrew Gaff's brainfade against Freo and subsequent 8-match ban). Mark Hutchings had a good game keeping Sidebottom well shackled.

    To win a flag without Nic Nat, Gaff, and Brad Shepperd was a terrific effort.

    I think this is the first time that a team has beaten another team twice in the same Finals series; normally if you beat a team in the Qualifying Final they tend to get revenge in the Grand Final.

    No doubt Eddie and the rest of the VAFL mafia will be getting together to ensure West Coast can't repeat next year.
  • My hometown ice hockey team is the Canmore Eagles....dreadful name & they are crap, & they got no fans.
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  • My wife's cousin used to play for WCE in the 90's. Was very well known at the time.
  • Matera, Jakovich, Sumich, Lewis, Worsfold..?
  • Cousins perhaps
  • Matera, Jakovich, Sumich, Lewis, Worsfold..?

    Harding, Paul Harding actually.
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    Riviera said:

    Matera, Jakovich, Sumich, Lewis, Worsfold..?

    Harding, Paul Harding actually.
    Good guy.
    Met them all once in a restaurant when pissed. Went out for a smoke, saw Peter Matera, called him Lewis, then proceded to inform him that he was the only one there that look like he can play 'propper football'. I can't remember the reply though...
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