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FIFA Football Awards

Just turned it off after a couple of minutes. How cringey was that? Poor Idris.


  • V weird, that

  • At least Messi is decent enough to acknowledge Ronaldos talent
  • Fiest time since 2007 that neither Ronaldon or Messi won Fifa Player of the year
  • Also how was Courtois GK of the year but he wasnt in the team of the year DDG was, makes no sense
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    Ive had to open all the windows and back door to clear the huge pompous eggy guff that programme made.
  • another pat on the back for the wealthiest players. never really heard of it before. Knew about the french ballon d'or (which i have now discovered was part of this for a few years ago but went its separate way again)

    I watched a bit of it which made me laugh. you had the bloke from the wire sitting next to his smuggling esse Alves the Mexican drug baron whilst behind him you had that overrated cringe of a defender Ramos and sitting next to him old sideshow Marcelo. right picture it made.
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  • If Messi doesn't win the award then it has no value. He is the best player who ever lived and it's not even close.
  • How on earth did Salah win the best goal?
  • How on earth did Salah win the best goal?

    That Salah goal didnt even win goal of the month for that month in the Prem. Should have been Bale's from the Champions League final.
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  • Salah won best goal when his goal didn’t even win premier league goal of the month
    Courtois won best keeper but wasn’t even in the team of the year
    Salah nominated for best player award and finished top 3 but wasn’t in the team of the year

    Very weird
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