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Meire still Charlton CEO (in global company search base)

Start by saying I'm fully prepared for all the humorous and/or not so pleasant comments coming my way from the 'Let it Go' merchants but on a Sunday morning what else is there to do but go onto CL, read the latest postings on the Takeover Thread, the most recent match report and then hunt out any new comments by Airman Brown, Glass Half Full, Prague or Grapevine (the latter only if I have at least a couple of hours spare) or to see what the old adversary (Katrien Meire) is up too.

Suffice it to say that my most recent 'dealing' with Meire earlier in the year (the attempt to make her revise her LinkedIn profile) came after she deserted Charlton for SWed. This after she continued for months to use her LinkedIn profile picture, which featured The Valley in the background, and was seemingly too lazy to revise her job title from CEO at Charlton to that at Sheff Wed). This was met with mixed comment on CL at the time some quite critical - the main charge being ' she's gone, let it go'. any action now (then) is just petty.

Well, the defence at the time was as follows: during her time at Charlton Meire was nothing less than officious in getting staff to 'clean up the internet'. If there was anything there which in her opinion she felt was critical of her and the job she was doing she tried to get it taken off - sometimes succeeding sometimes not.

Her controlling nature and her bizarre take on what did or did not represent fair comment ("Why do you say we are a badly run Club?) became a feature of her tenure at Charlton, yet, when it came to keeping her own house in order she was more than lax.

So, it was only after months and a formal complaint having been made to LinkedIn that she, perhaps in a fit of pique, who knows, removed her LinkedIn profile altogether.
Well that's her choice (she was found of using the term "It's their choice" to those not renewing STs) so no regrets there.

In a postscript to the above it now turns out that Meire failed to make any changes to a LinkedIn sister site called Crunchbase (Crunchbase is the leading destination for millions of users to discover industry trends, investments, and news about global companies) where she still appears as the CEO of Charlton, now 9 months following her departure (see below).

Not going to do anything about it - Just saying - as the kids would say - but then again if she's still listed as CEO of a globally recognised institution then maybe Roland simply hasn't noticed that she's gone.
Katrien Meire
Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
European Union (EU)

Number of Current Jobs
Charlton Athletic FC

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  • No Coyotejohn1947, get onto her and give her s**t, tell her she is nothing to do with this club and we wished she had never been, so stop promoting herself by saying she is CEO of this top London club and she has moved to a smaller midland club of no consequence :wink:
  • She certainly stank the gaff out... the after effect is pretty long lasting.
  • Keep going John, I think you are past denial and into the anger stage. All necessary to get over the pain of it all.
  • If she is still here, it would certainly explain why the takeover is taking so long!
  • Why is any body surprised? She was bone idle when she was at Charlton and she's clearly just as slack now that she's at Wednesday. Let them worry about why she can't bother her arse to present herself online as Sheffield's CEO.
  • I have no particular desire to defend her in any shape or form.

    However didn't I read on here that she was pregnant? If so she maybe on maternity leave which might explain it.
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