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Dudley Sutton RIP

Has died today aged 85


  • RIP. A great character actor.
  • Not tinker :-(
  • RIP always enjoyed watching him
  • Was great in Lovejoy. RIP
  • RIP, he played a great character in Lovejoy, one of my favourite shows back in the day.
  • RIP. Loved him in Lovejoy.
  • edited September 2018
  • Lived just off Kings Road and was a real local character, often to be seen out and about.
    Loved frequenting The Chelsea Arts Club and The Phoene Arms back in the day.
    Loved a pint or two did Dudley.
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  • Appeared in some 60s classics too, like Rotten to the Core and Leather Boys. RIP Dudley.
  • a face you could never forget .. R I P
  • A random scene from Lovejoy was filmed in my mate's garage... Tinker was in it. Lovely guy, RIP
  • RIP Dudley
    Great character actor
  • Always played the support role but often stole the scene, the sign of a very good actor.

    RIP Dudley
  • Loved him in Lovejoy and great in Porridge too RIP
  • Was great as Danny Dyer’s grandad in The Football Factory
  • And a fine performance in the Sweeney amongst many other roles. Lovely words on Twitter from Chris Jury who played Eric in Lovejoy.
    Dudley was basically not out of work from the late 60’s until his sad demise.
  • RIP Dudley
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  • Been watching The Beiderbecke Affair over the last couple of days ... forget Dudley Sutton was in it and how good he is in each scene.
  • Is that on TV or you watching DVD's?
  • Riviera said:

    Is that on TV or you watching DVD's?

    DVD, got a box set of the trilogy and includes a four-part mini series Get Lost! which was a prequel starring Alun Armstrong.
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