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Marvin Sordell - good piece on him and his depression

Tried to commit suicide as well during a period I think he was with us! No crass jokes here as it is a really serious subject. Shows how lonely it can be as a pro footballer in this day and age of football being a business. Glad to hear he is coping. Sounds a very intelligent bloke. Did meet him at end of season dinner but I found he was an insular personality there, and I put it down to aloofness at the time.


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    Bet that cheered him up coming to us!

    Hope he is heading to a level place in life. Wish him all the best.
  • That's a great piece. Hats off to him for opening up about his mental health. I hope it improves.

    Makes some interesting observations about football culture, from Sunday football to the pro game. Awful that a football club put pressure on him not to get the recommended treatment (going to the Priory) and to 'focus on football'.

    Also says he was shocked to discover he was the first person to complain about racism at Millwall, because everyone knows about it.
  • I read that this morning. Good for him for writing it. Footballers will always get the, 'I wouldn't be depressed if I was on £15k a week!' response, so I think articles like this are helpful.
  • Well done to him, a great piece and an interesting look into the 'dream' life of a footballer.
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