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  • “I’m delighted and very proud to be appointed Manager. I said when I first took charge that it was a fairytale to be back working at Charlton, the club I started playing at. I love the club and will give everything to get promotion.

    “We got the players in that we wanted this summer and this now gives us the stability. The players and the staff have been brilliant and I am looking forward to continuing working with them as together we aim for promotion.

    “The fans have been outstanding too and I want to thank them for all their support at the end of last season and the beginning of this season. They have supported me from that first minute of my first game against Plymouth and we all want to do well for them“
  • Pleased for him. I guess that's the end of the takeover for a while then, I doubt Roland would have done this if he was about to offload.
  • Pleased about this but does that mean the RD's not going anywhere soon?
  • A long time coming, but good. Bowyer has given us more steel and more attacking threat.
  • Good news &_bad news announced at the same time.
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    Maybe Bow can talk a bit of sense into RD.
  • Good news

    I hope Bow got everything in writing.
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  • Why would the Aussie/British consortium want to get rid of LB should they takeover?
  • Happy for Bowyer and well deserved.

    I don't think this is the end of the takeover, this could have been agreed with potential buyers and if not, it's only till the end of the season and if they want to get rid they won't have to pay much. But this does show that RD didn't want to pay anymore money for a manager. Don't think this as a negative, but a positive. Lets get behind the team and just wait for the takeover.
  • Pleased for him, he deserves it and hopefully this brings more stability, but yeah I can't see this being good news for getting rid of the rat.
  • Reckon this means no takeover til Christmas at the earliest
  • Pleased for him. I guess that's the end of the takeover for a while then, I doubt Roland would have done this if he was about to offload.

    I'm not sure it necessarily says that.

    If were taken over in the summer, then the new owners might have brought in their own man. Now the season has started, and Bowyer has built his squad, it would be madness to change him now. And it's only to the end of the season, so even IF they changed manager in January, it's only 6 months they'd have to pay up.
  • Good. I'm really torn about my boycott now :(
  • MrLargo said:

    On the one hand, it's good - bit of stability, etc.

    On the other hand, presume this means we won't be rid of Roland in the foreseeable.

    Au contraire, I suspect it might mean we could well be. RD’s upped the ante, the players that have been brought in are quality, we’ve even got Igor and appointing Bowyer permanent Manager justs adds to the sense that Charlton could be on the cusp of a very good season. Thinking of buying the club ? You’d better make your move soon or get left behind is the message this gives out.
  • Pressure from the EFL?
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  • Happy about this.
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    Good news.
    sam3110 said:

    Reckon this means no takeover til Christmas at the earliest

    I reckon this means no takeover until someone agrees a price with Roland and completes the deal. Could be any time, he'll have to drop his asking price at some point.
  • Pleased that Bowyer has eventually got the job, his efforts deserve it. But it's another minimum effort job from the owner. Make do and mend because he's screwed any chance of selling the club this season.
  • Bye takeover
  • Pressure from the EFL?

    I doubt it. It was mentioned before the season kicked off that if the takeover hasn't gone through before the start of the season, Roland would announce Bowyer as permanent manager. With the Aussie thing dragging on longer than expected, I think the announcement was delayed a little.
  • Both very good news and worrying. Glad Bowyer has got the gig. He’s done enough to earn it and I like what I’m seeing and hearing from him. The worrying aspect to me at least is concerning the possibility of a takeover. Seems this is now very much back burner for Duchatelet with no prospect of an early resolution. I wonder if we can now expect to see a couple of permanent executive appointments. That really would be the death knell for the Aussies.
  • Blimey - Charlton's owner does the right thing shock!
  • With the obvious exception of still having RD as owner,we now are about as near as we will ever get to having our Charlton back.Bowyer,Jacko in charge of the team,plenty of good young players coming through,and when injury free probably the best squad in this division.I think it is now up to the supporters to back the team,and get us out of this division.
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Roland Out!