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Watford hang your head in shame

Just seen this.

To people who cant access twitter

Watford under 23s were due to face Welwyn Garden City in a friendly at 3pm on Saturday afternoon

Ar 2pm on friday afternoon 25 hours before the game was due to kick off, Watford cancelled due to a lack of players.

So Welwyn Garden City a non league team have just lost a small fortune for them, not only in gate money, but they have already paid for food and drink, programmes to be made that are now useless.

Watford you are a disgrace


  • To put this into perspective
    Watford under 23s had a behind closed doors friendly with west ham on Friday, knowing they had this game on Saturday
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    Graham Taylor is due to be remembered in a 1st team friendly later today.

    He was a great man and would be disgusted by the way Wattord have treated a small non league side.
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    Spoiled brats.
    If we can put 22 legs on the field anyone should be able to.
    Shame on you Rocket man
  • Don't shoot Elton, he is only the piano player, we have our own problems, with our Madman Across The Water, Roland
  • Pretty sure Watford will reimburse them...….. and more.

    Quite unprofessional to go shouting it from the roof tops despite the frustration and obvious annoyance of the situation.
  • just had a quick look on the Watford official site. no mention of this game. no official statement from the club whatsoever. bit naff.
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  • It's no sacrifice.
  • Watford said that they would fulfil this fixture, but then again, no.
  • MrOneLung said:

    It’s a little bit funny,
    Not fielding a side.

    Absolutely brilliant
  • I’m still standing…

    SIT DOWN!!!!!
  • Greenie said:

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

    I think it's gonna be a long long time before they get an apology too
  • IAIA
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