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ACV on The Valley



  • Pico said:

    The previous ACV status didn't include the car park but our current application does.

    It is only for The Valley - not the training ground

    And the potholes.

    Good work all round though, thank you again.
  • ACV

    Please, sir! I think I'm getting RSI...
    Can I stop now Mr @razil ?
  • I wonder if a separation could be challenged legally in the 'spirit' of the Localism act (ACV), if a company that owned only the ground was separated out from the club and sold, and more to the point would we want to?

    When is selling the ground separately a bad thing? I guess mostly when its an asset strip/land development, rather than a precursor of a not very desirable financial/ownership restructure. Even then we could only delay the sale.

    Of course if the training ground was also part of that arrangement it might be harder to argue.

    The legislation needs changing something I argued for way back with special protection for Stadia. There was a review but not sure anything has happened since. The law was more designed to protect things like local pubs rather than deal with complex football ownership issues.
  • Charlton Athletic fans have had The Valley re-listed as an Asset of Community Value (ACV).

  • Excellent news and fantastic to make the main BBC Football page!
  • Well done and thank-you to the Trust.
    Excellent news that we still have the ACV in place.
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