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Alan Longmuir RIP

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Founder member of The Bay City Rollers,died earlier today after a short illness aged 70.RIP.


  • Sugar baby love, sugar baby love... RIP
  • Of course. Come on it was donkeys years ago!

    RIP all the same.
  • Very sad, saw a very good documentary about them on BBC4 recently, whilst I wasn't a fan, their music certainly takes me back to school disco's and 'Shang a lang' makes for a great terrace anthem
  • Bit of a girlies band when I was at school, but part of the soundtrack of my younger life.
  • Was never a fan - but RIP. Makes me feel really old when I see a Bay City roller was 70!!
  • Sugar baby love, sugar baby love... RIP

    That was The Rubettes.

    It should be Shang a Lang.
    Bye Bye Baby would be more appropriate.


    Under rated pop songs from an era when singles bands often not appreciated. It was only rock and rock but I liked it.
  • Rip.... they made Tartan fashionable at football.
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    I was never a fan but they were certainly popular with 13 year-old girls!

  • RIP
  • RIP

    wasnt he the spokesperson for the group ?

    (the other spoke in such broad accents that no one else could understand them)
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