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Dog walkers at Bewl Water - Warning

It's not a million miles away from SE7 so I thought I'd share this from a friends Facebook feed this evening, just in case any members venture that way with their dogs -


Sadly one of my Dogs has had to be PTS as a direct result of entering the water near to the Cafe at Bewl Water !!!
There were warning signs about 'Thick Mud' at the waters edge BUT no reminders of the 'Small Print' warnings of possible Canine Death from the Blue /Green Algae threat that exists there !!
I have since learned about other incidents there of Canine Death..... Anyone with information about similar tragedies at Bewl Water please PM me !!"


  • It worries you to let them into any water in our area. I believe there are/have been concerns over the local waterways (Cray, Dart etc)
  • Blimey. I took one of my dogs round the whole lake about 4 weeks ago (yes, all 13 miles). I did see signs and kept him out of the water for that stretch. Nasty though.
  • The Newfoundland Water Rescue display team are always there showing off what they do, I don't suppose they will for a while now.!
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