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CL First Fixture Sweepstake in aid of Charlton Upbeats (Draw on Page 3)

In a week's time, we will know Charlton’s fixture list for the 2018-19 season. This could mean that for the first fixture of the season we could heading to Accrington or entertaining the (once) mighty Sunderland. Or, one of the other 21 teams. It is time to ask for your generosity once again to support the fabulous Charlton Upbeats. Despite the unsatisfactory performances on the field, we can rightly be proud of Charlton Upbeats.

As in previous seasons, there will be a sweepstake for the first fixture which is announced on Thursday 21st June. To enter, all you have to do is pledge £10 and post 'IN' on this thread. By entering, you will draw a possible first fixture. If your game comes up you will win £175 and if it is the last fixture you will win a consolation prize of £25.

All of your entry money goes to Charlton Upbeats as my company donates the prize money.

Please pledge quickly as I need to collect payments and organise the draw by next Tuesday. The first 46 people to reply IN to this thread will enter the draw, provided payment is made promptly. If you can make payment immediately that would help too, but please make sure you are one of the first 46. You can make payment here -

As in previous years, the draw will take place live online on Tuesday 19th June at 8.15pm (which is half time in the Russia v Egypt game). You connect through this link



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