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+++Ezri Konsa signs for Brentford+++



  • How can anyone on here have any idea how much he was sold for ?
  • colthe3rd said:

    What's with all the Brentford hate? Jealousy?

    For me its more the fact that when a youth player comes through I only really expect to see them leave in one of three conditions:

    - They make it big and go to a Premier League side (Lookman)
    - They get released because they're simply not good enough or not needed
    - They leave the club because they dont want to play in a lower league after relegation (Cousins)
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    Brentford? Strange!

    Granted he'll be a regular though. Could have done a bit better for himself though! But good luck to him though!

    In five years from now we will be higher than Brentford. They are punching well above their weight. We are punching well below our weight.
  • hopefully roland signs over the club and jacko puts a bottle of leffe over his head
  • good luck to him ----fecking Brentford !!!!! good to see our stars of the future playing in the Prem oppps Championship ----Brentford FFS ----and yes that is belittling them ----a small club in West London just brought a top prospect from a increasingly smaller club in S London ----fecking Brentford

    its just normal Charlton shit
  • Would guess they've paid around 3.5m-4m.. if he performs as consistently at Brentford in Championship his value will soon multiply fourfold due to his versatility. Shrewd investment by Brentford. Good luck to him.

    Really ? Around a mill I reckon with add ons
  • Since we've no senior management team in place it'd be interesting to know who's actually doing the deals? It can't be the silly old scrote himself so who's dealing with the it?

    The good news is that frees up a squad space to fill with a top notch post-World Cup signing!


    It’s the real reason Roland has come over this week, he’s currently cutting all the 13a plugs off everything at Sparrows and in The Valley (except in the NHS bit as they wouldn’t let him in) and he’s hired an estate car to take ‘em all down the boot fair on the Ruxley Road on Sunday morning.....
  • Howells said:

    Leuth said:

    Scoham said:

    Leuth said:

    A lot of ignorance here towards what Brentford have become. They're the textbook model for any typical L1 club who want to break bigger

    Although I don't see many of our fans agreeing with their choice to get rid of their academy.
    Fair point - but they've found a method that works for them, and it's gotten them places.

    I'm not saying we should follow their model - we have the fanbase, catchment area and spirit that means an academy model is still preferable. But they've worked wonders for a club of their size
    Leuth said:

    Fumbluff said:


    Brentford. Tiny West London club who should be in the Conference South, apparently
    Calls them a small club but then sarcastically berates other fans who consider Brentford a small club only a few minutes later.

    Nuance escaping you as per

    They're a small club in terms of ground, supporter base, etc. But they're being run like a top-half Championship side. The intelligence with which they're being run is enabling this consistency and this player turnover. For a club with such a small ground, they are doing amazingly. They are small in terms of supporter numbers, and probably alway will be, barring some sort of nuclear strike in Hammersmith & Fulham, but unarguably bigger than us (at the moment) in terms of the business and staff. That's why I can call them a small club, and still sarcastically berate fans who think they shouldn't be signing our players.
  • Laddick01 said:

    Sounds weird but don't think we need him at all. Shades of Jenkinson moving to Arsenal.

    But that was bloody Arsenal!
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    £3.5m in Rd pocket.

    £3.5m less that the Australians have to pay?
    There's so many variables of thought process with regards to selling Konsa now that it's very hard to say whether it's good or bad business for the Aussie's in my opinion.
  • Yes £3.5m off the asking price now.
  • In hindsight think we should have probably let him go in January. He made a lot of mistakes in the second half of the season, which won't have escaped the attention of the premier league scouts tracking him.

    Saying that though ,it means he will stay in London where is freinds and family are, will get first team football and Brentford are a progressive outfit so for him its a chance for.him to progressive his career without the expectation of the PL. All depends on the fee and add ons which nobody seems to know as to whether it's a good deal for us, but I wish him well.
  • Don't think it is money in RD's pocket. The club have simply realised an asset. On the books it will show a reduction in one type of asset (player value) and an increase in a another type of asset (capital reserves). But it suggests he is no longer willing to fund wages from his own pocket.
  • I think it's a very sensible move. A club that want to make a push towards the Prem, he'll play (if fit) every week rather than sitting in the stands at a Prem club and will probably end up in the Prem with Brentford anyway.
    Feel the negative comments around his ability are unjustified. His calmness under pressure and ability to bring the ball out from Defence is brilliant. Unfortunately for him you need to be a 6ft4 lump in League One to deal with the physicality of 90% of strikers but I can count on 1 hand bad games he had the season just gone?
    I think he'll thrive in the Championship and in the future see him as an established Prem defender and I really hope he succeeds too.
  • for a player i would rather play every week then be at a pl club and sit on the judy
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    what a bloody joke.
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    Indeed, and is the exit door still duct taped open..?
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  • Redhenry said:

    that was out of the blue. Should mean the takeover is about to be completed

    straws being clutched much?
    Brentford? Looks like an 'anywhere but here' choice to me
    Good luck Ezri, probably a decent chance of quite a lot of first team opportunities for you there.
    I'd be fascinated to learn anything about the fee, add-ons etc - Charlton's announcement even thinner on detail than usual
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    Brentford have some cracking players. Made some very shrewd signings past few seasons.

    Not that fussed about Ezri going, I didn't rate him like I rate Lookman, Gomez etc. My biggest concern is that Roland has got the money and we won't see it reinvested. Hopefully it also means he is finally going though

  • think its a great deal for Brentford
  • Strewth!
  • Katrien was wrong, we will see the championship players of the future now.

    I see it more as Brentford see this as their passport into The Prem.......must be, KM was always right.
  • FUCKING BRENTFORD ! . Good luck Ezri , shame you couldn't stay longer .
  • Is it so different from Cousins going to QPR ?
  • Pico said:

    Is it so different from Cousins going to QPR ?

    Yes... Jordan Cousins didnt want to drop down to League One when we were relegated
  • If the money was offered by all the clubs after him, it does not matter where he has gone. Hoping the Aussies have got the money ready for incoming players. Let us get sold and get on with getting a new squad for the coming season
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