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Danny Kirwan RIP

The real Fleetwood Mac were my favourite group of all time. Mick Fleetwood, John Mc Vie, Jeremy Spencer, Peter Green and of course Danny Kirwan RIP.


  • Really sad news. The albums he led on, Bare Trees and Future Games, are among my favourites. So different from the well known Buckingham/Nicks version of the band as well as the Peter Green era but a great band on it's own merit. Some of his songs like Sands of Time and Woman of 1000 Years have such a fragile beauty to them. He was a wonderful guitarist and songwriter and deserved to be better known. RIP Danny Kirwan.
  • Dragonfly was one of my favourites.

  • Love his music and grateful for the early Fleetwood Mac.
  • RIP Danny
  • That is sad news. Love the early bluesy Fleetwood Mac stuff but the group was marred with tragedy with Peter Green never coming back from an acid trip and, despite his talent, Danny Kirwan’s life was a pretty sad one with battles with alcoholicsm and homelessness.

    RIP Danny
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