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Sofia - recommendations

Hi guys,

I'm off to Sofia on a bit of a jolly next week. Can anyone recommend any bars, pubs, restaurants, places to avoid? Thanks in advance.


  • Pay attention if you take a taxi . They'll swindle you … Also check your bill in a restaurant . Even in a better one, they'll try to swindle tourists . There's a very nice casino in town, if you fancy that ...
  • Ask the club for the old fan one from the NW corner.
  • We stayed in the Rodina - strip joint on the top.

    Remember a bar on the main strip called Jim Beams (I think) which had an excellent club underneath. Fell out of there at 7am two nights running and grabbed a lovely pizza from a joint nearby.

    Booze was so cheap.

    Women were amazing.

    Lots of beggars though who’d constantly approach you in bars and restaurants, and stray dogs.

    Lovely park to spend some chill time.
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