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End of season STATBANK



  • SDAddick said:

    SDAddick said:

    Nug said:

    Only one red card? Not saying we should get loads but need to toughen up a bit to get out of this league. I don’t doubt if Bowyers still in charge he’ll address that side of our game.

    Only 1 red card against us too I assume

    Indeed it was a very "gentle" season, with relatively few bad tackles either by our players or against us.

    But there were so many times our opposition should have been booked and weren't. Much to my chagrin, persistent fouling is not a bookable offense in this league.

    I'm not a big believer that we need more red cards. I find it's often harder to play with 10 men. And I think red cards are as much an indicator of refereeing in this division as anything.
    Teams were quite smart with their fouling, with lots of niggly fouls rather than bad ones
    Some were, definitely. Shrewsbury in the playoffs were. But then there was like Bury at home where they just kicked lumps out of Tarique and I think there was one booking in the game.

    But yeah those niggly fouls should, at some point, add up to a booking after five or six against a player. And that just doesn't seem to happen in this league unfortunately.
    When teams share round the fouls, how can you book an individual player?
    Refs can and do speak to the captain about consistent fouling and are well within their rights to say to the captain next one gets a card.
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