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How long is too long to stay living with parents?

And is there a too long? Does the current cost of living make it a necessity? If you have grown up kids living with you do you charge them rent?

A couple in NY obviously weren’t too enamoured:


  • Just change the locks while he's out surely?

    What an arse though, he's 30 not 13.
  • And is there a too long? Does the current cost of living make it a necessity? If you have grown up kids living with you do you charge them rent?

    A couple in NY obviously weren’t too enamoured:

    Until you're ridiculed by society for doing so.
  • When the bodies start smelling...

    That started when I was about 10.
  • I think 24 is too old to still be at home with mum and dad. Trouble is you needs to be making paper and not spunking it to be able to be set free.

  • I left without a look back when I was 17.
  • Left to rent with some mates when I was 23, came back for 6 months and then bought my own place when I was 24. Struggled financially for a long time because of mortgage but I'm glad I did it as getting on the property ladder now is a nightmare, especially in London and SE.
  • can't ever see a point where my kids will be able to afford to move out!.

    I bought my first place when I was 23....just won't happen nowadays

    Just cos they cant buy a place doesnt mean they can never afford to move out.

    I haved lived on my own since i was 17 and never brought a place just rented
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  • Left @ 30 myself, spent 10-years prior travelling each summer so couldnt really afford to move out prior

    Still paid my rent though when living with my parents
  • moved out when i was 23 rented and managed to save to finally buy my own place at 32.

  • Latest news: the son referred to in the opening to this thread has lost his case and has been ordered by the judge to move out.
  • What, there's too long to spend in the family home?

    All I had to look forward to was being Omagh's version of Norman Bates, and now you've gone and ruined it....


    Moved away for 18 years on going to college. Moved back in, partly to make sure my mother didn't pass on any good stuff to my feckless relatives (and they're all feckless) after my father died, and partly because I got work close to home, not that that lasted for too long (for the last 10 years have been commuting for 3 and a half hours a day to Belfast, 140 mile round trip - living life in the bus lane).

    Finally moved out when my bastard brother got the bailiffs in my mother died last year. Busy converting a not terribly ramshackle farmhouse, the location of which ensures that I can truthfully say that I am now over the hill.
  • Just sell their fecking property& buy a 1 bedroon place. toss the slob out.
  • Think 30 is pushing it a bit. Don’t understand parents who charge high rent to their own kids though. Surely the less money you charge them the quicker they can save for their own place.
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    Moved out at 23 to rent and finally bought a place last year at 32.

    Did get married, divorced (not of my own doing) and re-married again (yes......different girl) in those 9 years though.

    If you don’t get financial help it’s a slog but can certainly be achieved with discipline, esp if with a partner.
  • Left at 18 for uni, returned for about 9months after uni and then moved 100miles away to work and afford a house. Now 24 and been in my house for 2 years. Hopefully going to move back nearer to family in another 2 years when I’ve made some money on my house!

    Lots of friends who stayed at home are approaching their late 20s and still can not afford to move out.
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    I moved out when I was 28, was saving for a deposit and waiting for the market to crash. Saved up £65k and moved out when it did crash. Got it for a snip.

    Was well worth all of the snide comments from lads at work calling me a "mummies boy", they are still renting and I have 11 years left on a mortgage.

    I say move out when its right for you!

    I did pay rent to my parents.
  • I take it from these responses many of you are a lot older than me. I'm about to leave uni (and I'm very very lucky to have found a job to go straight into). Even in my position there is no way I'm moving out any time soon. My girlfriend is starting a uni course for primary teaching this year. So realistically the earliest I'll move out is 24/25 years old and that's only because I've found myself in a favourable position and will (fingers crossed) have a partner to put money together with to get a place.

    Renting is a terrible choice at the moment. These days, especially if living in London, I don't think you should be surprised to see how many people live with their parents still by the age 30, and that's even people with relatively decent jobs.

    That being said, in the case in that BBC article the guy is a total scrounger. Getting a minimum wage job really isn't that difficult, but lazy guys like him wont see it as enough so don't even bother. But its a place to start and I'm sure most people's parents would let them stay for a very long time if they pay rent or at least show that they are earning the best living they can at that point in time.
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    I’m 25 and living back at parents home at the moment. Currently, trying to buy a house with my fiancée but can’t find anything locally which is good value.

    If it wasn’t for living back at home I wouldn’t have been able to save a deposit for a place and would have been renting for rest of my life.

    Very lucky that this was an option for me.
  • I left home at 17 but kids now can’t even leave school until they are 18 and are far less socially aware than we were thanks to being stuck in front of computers and games consoles all their spare time . I full expect my kids to be in the house well into their 20’s but 30 is far too long.

    Yeah I'm sure computers and video games are fully to blame for why children move out so late these days. Not sure how being socially aware enables you to move out?
    You obviously didn’t read I said .
  • I left home at 23 but came back 4 years later after I split up from my girlfriend.

    Spent another couple of years or so there before buying a place with my now wife.

    I think my old man was glad to have me back tbh. His mum had moved in while I was away, was suffering with dementia and used to clash with my mum. He got a midweek drinking partner and told me once I was the only thing keeping him sane!
  • Left home at 18 and have only stayed for a week or so at a time since. Would hate to live with either of my parents and am personally busting my nuts trying to make sure my son doesn’t have to either.

    Cost of rent and mortgage/deposit is so high now I have no idea how anyone on a decent but normal salary could afford to move out unless they did absolutely nothing other than save for 10 years.
  • 18 is the age to move on.
  • I left home at 21 and rented with my girlfriend. She became my wife, we bought a flat and then a 3 bed semi in Petts Wood. Looking back it was a doddle in the ‘80s. Our house cost us about 3 times our combined income. We had normal jobs that paid average money and we were able to buy and have all the normal trappings of life.
    My son and his girlfriend are better educated than my wife and I have good jobs
    And would have to pay at least 10 times their combined salaries to afford a the same semi we bought.
    It ain’t going to happen, my boy will call the house we all live in, home for a long time to come. It doesn’t bother me him living us but his prospects of owning a place of his own will probably come down to his grandparents popping their clogs or worse wait for me and the wife to depart.
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