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Sponsoring a player.

For next season I am pondering the idea of my company sponsoring a player but I wondered if anyone had done it before on here, for more than just being a fan but to increase business?

Of course, you get the perks of having the end of season meal and meeting the squad but for the business like people on here, if you have sponsored a player before, have you found it as a benefit of Charlton fans potentially becoming new clients to your company?



  • When I ran my own business I sponsored Stefan Anderson for a couple of seasons.

    I didn't expect any business off the back of it, and I wasn't disappointed!! But I didn't really do it for that - rather to give my sons who were quite young at the time the opportunity to attend the end of season meal. I also had the benefit of having a really good chat with Curbs at one of the dinners, three days after his leaving was announced on the pitch!

    If you want to do it I would suggest it is as a Charlton fan rather than thinking of it as a shrewd marketing spend. It's tax deductible as well!!
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