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Charlton v Shrewsbury - Post Match Views

Hmm. Let’s be honest, not what any of us hoped for. But equally by no means the end of the story.

Slight feeling with me that fanwise we collectively haven’t given Shrewsbury anywhere enough respect. They are a solid outfit who finished way above us in the league and some just expect us to turn it on and roll them over.

We were edged slightly on the night, and the score line reflects that thanks to a fantastic strike. But by large it was a fairly even game with us much stronger in the first part and then more comfortable in the second half. Partly through our lack of threat in the final third and our inability to retain possession.

But the story has not finished yet so don’t get too despondent. It’s half time. And we won at Shrewsbury in the league so all to play for.

Match thoughts?


  • We go again.

    However Kashi fkin frustrated me today
  • Smashed it for 20 minutes then faded massively.

    Lack of ball boys entirely to blame for the defeat
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  • Disappointing result but obviously the tie isn't over. We're quite capable of winning up there but every player has to put a good performance in for 90 minutes and tonight that definitely didn't happen. Fosu has to start the second leg and we have to go for it.
  • Much better team, the Shrews. Just pleased Andrew Muir in the ground with Paul Elliot. Pics on the takeover thread.

  • Shrewsbury very deserved winners.

    Just think some player in particular didn't show up. Reeves hasn't changed my mind about him, in fact, now I think he's even worse.

    Don't think we will win the 2nd leg, our defence is fantastic but with such a poor attack we'll hardly ever score and it just invites other teams to attack until we let in the odd goal, that's why we let in goals in the final 10/15 minutes so often.

    I think our play style could really suit a nervy Playoff final, but sadly I'm not sure we can score enough to edge it over 2 legs.
  • Better team won
  • Smashed it for 20 minutes then faded massively.

    Lack of ball boys entirely to blame for the defeat

    Lack of ball boys is incredible. It may be a minor issue in the big scheme of things, but it speaks volumes of the joke our club has become.
  • We had the best of it early in the first half but didn't really create anything more than a few half chances. Second half was poor, we just couldn't keep hold of the ball. Credit to Shrewsbury, they deserved the win. I think we can still do it. A one goal deficit isn't insurmountable, but we have to be a hell of a lot better than we were tonight, clearly.
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  • Kashi was disappointing tonight we were so open down the middle and he was really sloppy. Right hand side was really poor too I’m not sold on Reeves and Konsa is dreadful going forward.

    I don’t know what has got into me but I still believe though
  • That saying things come in 3’s....
  • Huge improvement needed for the second leg. We were lively the start and end of the first half and that was it.

    Shrewsbury controlled the second half from start to finish and deserved the win. Aribo, Dijksteel and Fosu have to start the second leg and Ajose needs to sort himself out.
  • Shrewsbury are a better team than us. Especially in the midfield.

    Outside of set pieces we didn't really look a threat, though neither did they.

    One wonder goal separated the teams, on another day one of those Magennis free kicks would've gone in.
  • Dot on the card, Charlton shit themselves on the big game. Other than the first part of the 1st half, we were shit.

    Beaten by a wonder goal, but we were second best
  • Mavididi has biophillia.

    Only explanation for why he's always rolling in the grass
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