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Decent Play Off podcast (Interview with Jacko)

edited May 2018 in General Charlton
Stumbled across this earlier, may be of interest to some including a long ish interview with JJ. Interesting to hear Darrell Clarke, he favours Shrewsbury over us...


  • Darrell Clarke's results against the play off contenders:

    Shrewsbury... 1-2 (H), 4-0 (A), zero points
    Rotherham... 2-1 (H), 2-0 (A), three points
    Scunthorpe... 1-1 (H), 1-0 (A), one point
    Charlton... 1-1 (H), 1-0 (A), one point

    No surprise he fancies Shrewsbury a touch more. :-)
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